Hello! Welcome To Astralyz’s Blog

This is my first time to start a blog. At first, the purpose of starting this blog was that to put all the things that I had special interests in onto this blog. However, as a Korean Drama addict, later I found out that this blog became more about Korean Dramas than other things. That is why I decided to make this blog as a place for me to unleash my K-Drama addiction as well as my interest in K-Drama OSTs, a little space for me to escape for a while from my real life and enjoy an imaginary world of drama.

K-Dramas is my guilty pleasure. Sometimes, I think that I waste too much time and resources on it but somehow I am still not willing to give it up at the moment.

Anyway, this blog will be a place where I list all the dramas that I had been watched so far and my thought about them. I will not write any analysis nor post Korean Entertainment news in this blog. For me, this blog will be more of a personal archive that I would like to share than an informative blog like others.

Furthermore, as English is not my first language and I am still learning instead, I may make grammatical mistakes in my posts.

Finally, if you happen to come to this blog, you are welcome and I wish you enjoy it.


** I have no idea how to make the title of this post comes out on the top of my side bar so I added an  A, even though A Prologue is grammatically incorrect.


4 responses to “Hello! Welcome To Astralyz’s Blog

  1. hi astralyz
    sorry for asking. i’m her at your blog site but i can’t watch your drama. please reply and let me know what i’m doing wrong.oh, thanks for the referral to your blog i think its cool how your able to set this site up

  2. No, you were not wrong but misunderstood. I never upload any drama. I only share the songs (OSTs) in my blog.

  3. Hello Astralyz,
    Enjoyed your screen caps on Vineyard Man. Just finished watching this drama and loved it.

    Do you know the song that played on the main menu on the DVD? It is not on the OST.



  4. Pearl, I’m not sure which one..but I added one more song from the OST..Go to this page :
    Is it this song ?

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