MV Thank You – Beautiful World Theme

This is a fanmade MV
Song :The OST “Ah Reum Da Oon Se Sang” by Park Hak Ki
Clips:Gi Seo-Young Shin-Bom and Mr Lee Scenes From K-Drama “Thank You”(MBC-2007)

Lyrics :
mundeuk wirotda neuggil ddaen haneureul bwayo
gateun taeyangarae isseoyo urin hanayeyo

majuchineun nunbicheuro mandeureogayo
najimaghi hamkke bulleoyo sarangui noraereul

honjaseon irul si eobtjyo sesang mueotdo
majujabeun du soneuro sarangeul kiweoyo

hamkke itgi-e areumdaun angaeggotchorom
seororeul gotge kamssajweoyo modu yeogi moyeo

jageun gaseum gaseummada goun sarang moa
uri hamkke mandeureogayo areumdaun sesang.
Credits :

My Comment :

Actually, there are two version of this songs, the other one is sung by Yurisangja. I have no idea which one is the original version but I prefer this one to the other.

  • Ah Reum Da Oon Se Sang [D]
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    11 responses to “MV Thank You – Beautiful World Theme

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    2. may i have the lyric plz…?i love this song very much..u can send it to my mail.thx before..

    3. I have problem downloading the song “Ah Reum Da Oon Se Sang” By Park Hak Ki. Do you know where else I can download this version?


    4. I got all the songs from Soompi Forum. But you have to be a member first there to be able to get into the forum.
      I have tried the link and there’s no problem with it. Sometimes Orbitfiles might be too busy so get into error. If you still can’t get it, try to sign up an account at Orbitfiles..

    5. i love this song. especially when it sang by lee bom.
      her voice is cute.. do you have that version too
      anyway Do you have the lyrics of this song..
      I’ve been googling to search the lyrics but can’t find
      one. please if you have the lyrics could u please sent it to my email?? thanks..

    6. Hannah Bowen

      Hi, I also would like the lyric, in English and Korean. If possible, can you send it to my e-mail? Thank you!!!

    7. Hi, I would like to have the lyrics explained in english, if its possible can you send it to my email. Thank you.

    8. mbk…saya juga minta lirik versi english nya dung ^.^ klo boleh minta dikirim ke email sy bgmn mbk ^.^

    9. do you really want english lyrics? haha ur lucky I’m fluent. 😛
      Here ya go:

      Whenever You Feel Lonely, Look Up to the sky.
      We’re under the same sun, we’re one.
      Let’s look to one another and make this a beautiful world.
      Let’s all sing a song of love.
      Let’s all put our hearts and love together and make this a beautiful world.
      You can’t trust anything in this world by yourself.
      Let’s put our hands together in love.
      Just like the flowers that are beautiful together.
      Let’s embrace one another.
      Let’s put our love and hearts together and make this a beautiful world.

      Email me: 🙂

    10. Actually those were the lyrics to the 2nd version. Not park hak ki’s version. But the other one.

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