MV Capital Scandal – The Capital Sad Love Song Part 2

Song: Ggeut Ee Ra Mid Neun Geu Dae – So Sul
Clips: Su Hyun and Song Joo Scenes From K-Drama “Capital Scandal” (KBS-2007)

My Comment:
It actually took a while for me to love this song. Dunno why, I do not really like it. But I feel like short of something by making only Wannie-Yeo Kyung MV (the lead characters of this drama) with no So Hyun- Song Joo ones. I’m glad that finally I finished the MV.

Unlike the love story of Wannie- Yeo Kyung which is a mixture of sweet, funny and sad love story, So Hyun-Song Joo really have a very very sad and tragic love story, even until the end. A love story between a girlYou can see it when they talk through their eyes.
It is a story between Song Joo, a courtesan who is actually a member of revolution movement and her movement leader ,So Hyun, who undercover as a policeman for the enemy.

“Love Is The Spring”
“Revolution Is The Winter”
~ Cha Song Joo

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  • Ggeut Ee Ra Mid Neun Geu Dae – Yeon Woo Feat. So Sul [D] [Buy Now]
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