Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (SBS-2007)

Title: 외과의사 봉달희 / Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
Episodes: 18
Casts :
Lee Yo Won as Bong Dal Hee
Lee Bum Soo as Ahn Joong Geun
Oh Yoon Ah as Jo Moon Kyung
Kim Min Joon as Lee Geon Wook

Synopsis :
Bong Dal Hee (Played by Lee Yo Won) is a first year resident doctor who strives to become a surgeon despite her heart problem. She works under Dr. Ahn Jong Geun (Played by Lee Bum Soo), a cardiac specialist, and even though they don’t get off to a good start, the two grow fond of each other as time goes by.

Dr. Lee Geon Wook (Played by Kim Min Joon) divorced his wife, Dr. Jo Moon Kyung (Played by Oh Yoon Ah), after he found out that his 6-year-old son was actually fathered by another man before they married. He still has feelings for her, but feels betrayed and cheated. This medical drama portrays the lives of resident doctors, their ups and downs, depicting crisis in a hospital as well as politics among its management staff.
Credits: DramaWiki

My Comment :
When I first knew about this drama, I had already put it in my must-see lists as I like the story line and Lee Yo Won. I like LYW since Fashion 70s. However, since I am an anti-sad/open ending drama, I waited until I knew that it had a happy ending before determined to watch it and it was a very good drama indeed.
It soon became one of my All time favorite K-Drama..I love the story,the characters, the happy ending and the OSTs..
I am a supporter of Dal Hee and Dr Ahn..
Also, because of this drama, I became like Lee Bum Soo (LBS) and started watching most of his movies. LBS is such a good actor that when you watch him in comedy, you will find out there is no trace of charismatic Dr Ahn in him. I never thought that the charismatic Dr Ahn is actually a funny man in Korean movies.

If you like medical drama, this is the one that I Highly Recommend

Lee Yo Won ‘s other drama in this blog Fashion 70s

Ji Ool Soo Uhb Neun Sarang-SS501 5.82MB [Listen/Download]


5 responses to “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (SBS-2007)

  1. Love this show very much. Highly recommended to all of you. and also Thank you so much for sharing the songs with us. Thumbs up to you. ^_^

  2. Hi there, thank you for the music video “let it grow” – it’s one of clapton’s lesser known songs in a way. I really like this drama too. Most impressed by the excellent quality of the cast. The character of Dr Ahn is indeed very charismatic – Lee Beom Soo puts in so much to make the character come alive – his acting is very subtle and with depth in this one. An accomplished actor who makes it all seem so easy. Am also inspired to watch his other productions after this.

  3. I dunno much about Eric Clapton. But I like “Let It Grow”..It gives me a kind of relax feeling every time I listen to this song. From the music, I guess it was from 70s.
    This drama was said to be the first TV Drama for Lee Bum Soo (LBS) and I read that he accepted the drama because he was interested in Dr Ahn’s character.He worked only on movies before.

    I also looked for his movies after watching SGBDH and then realized that actually I watched some of his movies already but never really notice him there. He did quite a lot of cameo appearances including in “200 Pounds of Beauty” and he mostly played in comedy.

    Try to watch his movies and you will see a very different side of him as funny man..

  4. Hi again, i will do as you recommend. i saw some of his photos on the websites – he really looked very different previously. It’s interesting how people can change. From what little I can glean from the internet, LBS is very well-received in Korea but more as a comedian. From some other posts, I also read that he is quite a serious person, an individualist. I think comedians usually are. He mentioned that the character of Dr Ahn is one of his idols. Thank you for responding to my earlier post.

  5. I love Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, great medical human drama. Never been a Korean drama addict, but after watching Queen Seondeok & captivated by Lee Yo Won’s acting I started to look at her other dramas. Now I am a Korean drama addict.

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