MV Foxy Lady – Byung Hee & Chul Soo Theme

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Go Rae Eh Ggoom (Falling In Love Again)” By Bobby Kim(Featuring Kim Young Geun [Bobby’s Father])
Clips : Byung Hee & Chul Soo’s Scenes From K-Drama “What’s Up Fox” (MBC-2006)

My Comment :
The song used in this MV is actually an additional song from the OST Collection of this drama. However, I like this song very much. What a coincidence that after Fashion 70s (the drama which Chun Jung Myung starred earlier), Bobby Kim’s song is again used as one of the OST of this drama with also Chun Jung Myung in it.

Bobby Kim – go rae eh ggoom (Falling In Love Again).wma
1.9 Mb [Download][Mediafire]

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