Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (SBS-2007) – The Extended Characters

Dr. Jang Ji Hyuk (Played By Jung Wook)
Surgeon – Supervisor of Block 114, leading surgeon

He gets ruffled up very easily and will often blows up, however he doesn’t bear any hatred for anyone. He just gets angry and then forget about it.
During his internship, he makes alot of mistakes and he swears to get rid of his faults but still…. Mercilessly pointing out mistakes of his new batch of interns, especially new intern Bong Dalhee.

Dr. Kim Hyun Bin (Played by Baek Seung Hyun)
Heart Surgeon – Supervisor of Block 114, leading surgeon.

Serious, petty and slighty tense about everything. Very sarcastic. He is not a straightforward person and is abit annoying. The interns rather suffer a beating than his sarcastic treatments. However, his principles of wanting to be a respectable, good leading surgeon still stands.

Dr. Park Jae Bum (Played By Kim In Kwon)
Surgeon – 1st Year Intern.

He wants to open his own clinic handling obese patients and then living a simple troubled free life. However, during his internship, he realized that he doesn’t seem to feel tired after hours of surgery and he begin to know himself better. Deep in his heart, sparks the hope of being a good surgeon.

Dr. Jo Ara (Played by Choi Yeo Jin)
Surgeon – 1st Year Intern.

Straight forward, She ignores Dalhee’s efforts to get close to her. Cool and arrogant. She does not have passion for her job. She doesn’t believe in love and men, she believes that the only person she can trust is herself and money is the other that she can depend on. The rewards of being a doctor is what she believes in and she takes it for granted. Spending 10 years of her life striving to be a doctor, she also thinks she deserve the rewards for what she has been doing.

Dr. Lee Min Woo (Played By Song Jong Ho)
Heart Surgeon – 1st Year Intern.

He went into army after university and later on he got into medical school. He is one of those wants to become a doc due to the trend. Being successful is his goal and he is kind and friendly to everyone around him. Especially the girls. He appears to be a flirt but actually he is actually a good elder brother.

Credits : Soompi Forum
My Comment :
When I watched Lee Bum Soo’s movie “The Anarchists” (Also played by Jang Dong Gun, Jung Jun Ho), I found out that Dr Park (Kim Ki Won) was also there as the youngest member of the anarchists.

Thanks to (OST Bong Dal Hee) – Kim Eun Bae.wma 3.6MB [L/D][eSnips]

PS:This song remind me of an English song titled WHEREVER YOU WILL GO By The Calling..It sounds similar..


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