MV Lovers – The Love Story

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Go Hae” By Chiyul
Clips : Mi Joo-Kang Jae-Yu Jin ‘s Scenes from K-Drama “The Lovers” (SBS-2006)
Casts : Kim Jung Eun, Lee Seo Jin, Kim Kyu Ri

My Comment :
In this fanmade MV of mine, I tried to describe the love story of the characters, Kang Jae and Yu Jin.
As the typical Korean Drama, the love story on this drama is actually involved 4 people as well. However, I did not put the fourth character, which is Sae Yeon (played by Jung Chan) who has unrequited love for Mi Joo, in my MV.

In my opinion, the scriptwriter,the director and the cinematographer of this drama, were doing a very good job.From all the fanmade MVs I made, I find it is very few of them in which I can summarize almost the whole love story into one MV and made the people who watch it to be able to catch what the story about. This drama is really the exceptional one.

  • Go Hae – Chiyul [D]
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