MV Lovers – The Lovers Theme

This is a fanmade MV
MV Lovers – The Lovers Theme
Song : The OST “Yun In” By Jo Jang Hyuk
Clips : Mi Joo-Kang Jae’s Happy Scenes from K-Drama “The Lovers” (SBS-2006)
Casts : Kim Jung Eun, Lee Seo Jin

My Comment :
I like this song, too. I think Jo Jang Hyuk has a great voice. Besides the OST of this drama, I also like the OST of old K-Dramas that sung by him, which titled “Love Song” from Successful Story of A Bright Girl (Played by Jang Na Ra, Jang Hyuk) and “In My Dream” from Shooting Star (Played by Jeon Do Yeon and Jo In Sung). I am going to share both of these songs too later.

  • Yun In – Jo Jang Hyuk  [D]
  • For those who like this MV, below is the download link :
    MV Lovers – THe Lovers Theme 26.67MB [Download][4Shared]

    Related Link :Listen and Download Jo Jang Hyuk’s other songs in this blog :


    7 responses to “MV Lovers – The Lovers Theme

    1. Hi

      I am having trouble downloading the sound track from Lovers. I think Go Hae is a beautiful song, though I don’t understand the language but thru the translations it is enough to feel it.

      Any advice?


    2. It should be no problem. Just try again. Sometimes it might be because Orbitfiles, where I store the files is busy.
      If you already download and the file can’t be opened try to rename it by adding .wma on the file.

    3. Thanks ALOT, I LOVE U, u are the best, i’ve been searching for lover’s song and a few korean drama songs for like ages. In the end, i found you =)

    4. No worries…
      Actually, there are still more of my favorite K-Drama OSTs, either old and new drama, that I love to share.
      Feel free to visit my blog as I will update it whenever I have time..

    5. I’ve even favourited your blog, hehexx.. But i hope you’ll post Bad Couple Episode 16 as soon as possible, it’s like so suffering waiting to see what happen next. I don’t like to wait, i prefer watching them till the end straight away. It’s more exciting like that. I don’t watch tv’s but i watch vcd’s or dvd’s and also youtube, as i can watch them straight away, no need to wait for the next day to the next episode. Even astro also the same. Haixx..

    6. Hi, I can’t upload video due to my internet connection but you can go to this link :
      Ryu Su Young fans posted it there but it hasn’t got subtitle, it’s raw video..The poster tell you where to download the English sub..
      Hopefully it helps..

    7. Thanks Alot =) I think i’ll watch it tomorrow, i’ve just finished a taiwan movie and it’s so touching, you should go watch it too The Title is: 放羊的星星 / My Lucky Star. It really is very dramatic. I’m trying to find the name and download the theme song. Hope you can help me with the song.

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