MV Rude Woman – Mi Joo’s Theme

Song : The OST “Al Soo Uhb Neun In Saeng” by Lee Moon Se
Clips : Mi Joo’s Scenes from K-Drama “Rude Woman” (MBC-2006)
Casts : Yoo Ho Jung, Lee Ki Woo, Kim
Bum, Jung Woong In, Lim Ji Eun

My Comment:

In this MV, I captured some of the funny Mi Joo’s revenge acts to Jung Suk. With the strong determination for revenge, even the novel Mi Joo read is from the same theme..It is Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon.
Mi Joo is so cute..:D
al soo uhb neun in saeng – Lee Moon Se.wma 3.9 Mb [Download][Mediafire]


One response to “MV Rude Woman – Mi Joo’s Theme

  1. Many thanks!

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