Stock Flower (KBS-2001)

Title :Stock Flower (KBS-2001)
Also Known As :Silk Flower/Love Miracle
Casts :Park Jin Hee, Ryu Jin, Choi Min Yong, Lee Chang Hoon
My Comment :One of the nice and heart warming drama about an unwed mother…It’s an old drama that I just watched last year. Ryu Jin’s character is so charming here.

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2 responses to “Stock Flower (KBS-2001)

  1. Hello
    I’m from Thailand.
    I’m one of fan of this series.How can I buy it.Please tell me ‘cos I really like it.Thank you

  2. Unfortunately, I also only got DVD set with just Chinese Audio and no English Sub.

    But I like this drama as touching..I love the chemistry of Ryu Jin and Park Jin Hee..

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