Vanilla Unity

About :
Vanilla Unity (바닐라 유니티) is a Korean rock band which formed in 2004. That same year the band won third prize at the K-rock Championship and received a special award for best new band.

Name: Lee Sung Ju
Role: Vocals
Born: March 1982
Favorites: Deftones, MCR, Deul Kook Hwa
Likes: Music, drinking

Name: Kim Young Hoon
Role: Guitar
Born: May 1983
Favorites: Jeff Back, Megadeth
Likes: Meeting friends

Name: Lee Jung Hak
Role: Guitar
Born: December 1982
Favorites: Led Zeppelin, Joe Satriani, Glass Joe
Likes: Driving, being at home

Name: Kim Min Sun
Role: Bass
Born: September 1976
Favorites: Pantera, Carcass, The Used
Likes: Cooking, cleaning house

Name: Cho Sung Jun
Role: Drum
Born: September 1983
Favorites: Blink 182, Deftones, Weezer
Likes: Exercise, drums

Official Website :

Source : Infos collected from various sources including Soompi, Wiki

I got their pic but cannot identify them..I just know the singer, Lee Sung Ju, I guess.

My Comments :
I firstly knew about them from their song “Tomorrow” that is also one of the track in OST Collection of K-Drama “Goong/Princess Hours”. Tomorrow soon became one of my favorite track and lead me to find more about their songs after that..They are really great !


One response to “Vanilla Unity

  1. I just found them and I think they rock~! Thanks for sharing some info on them~!♥

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