K-Drama OST D-F

D – F

  • Dae Jang Geum (MBC – 2003)
    1. Hamangyeon – Alessandro Safina
  • Dal Ja’s Spring (KBS-2007)
    1. Nae Son Eul Jab Ah Jwuh – K-Jun.wma
      To You Mine- Pearl’s Day.wma
  • Dr Ggang(MBC-2006)
    1. Good Luck To You – Taein
      Good Bye (Piano Version)
      Good Bye (Scat Version)
      Download Link
  • Evasive Inquiry Agency (KBS-2007)
    1. Mot Muk Uh Do Go – Napoleon Dynamite
      Love Is Magic – Rangshow (From Black Tea)
      Superhero – Lee Seung Hwan
      Bo Mool Sum – Koonta & Nuoliunce (Feat DJ Shine)
      Sarang Eul Chat Ja Suh – Bubble Sisters
  • Exhibition Of Fireworks (MBC-2006)
    1. Geu Nyang Ah Neun Sa Ram – Kang Ji Hwan
      Nae Ahn Eh Byul Chuh Rum – Jungwoo, EZ-Life
  • Fashion 70s(SBS-2005)
    1. Ga Seum Ah Pa Do – Fly To The Sky
      A Day – Jo Jin Mo
      Yak Han Nam Ja – Bobby Kim
      (They Long To Be) Close To You – Carpenters
      Sarang Gwa Gam Dong (Instrumental)
  • Fight (TVN-2008)
    1. I Love To Stay Behind
      My Life-Kim Tae Hoon
  • Fly High (SBS-2007)
    1. Gwaen Chan Ah Yo – Ahn Ji Hye
      Sarang Han Da myun We Wuh Doo Se Yo – Kim Soo Jin.wma
      Nal Ah Oh Reu Da – Kim Tae Woo(Feat. Soo Ho)
  • Foxy Lady (MBC-2006)
    1. Like Me (byunghee & chulsoo theme) – Lee Sang Kyu
      Substitute For Life – The Real Group
      Go Rae Eh Ggoom (Falling In Love Again) – Bobby Kim (Featuring Kim Young Geun [Bobby’s Father])
      Life Is Wonderful – Jason Mraz

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