K-Drama OST J – L

J – L

  • Kid Gang(OCN-2007)
    1. Sok Ma Eum – Kim Bo Ah
  • Last Scandal Of My Life (SBS-2008 )
    1. Ae In It Suh Yo – Lee Eun Mi
      Sarang Ee Ol Gga Yo – Byun Jin Sup
      Yak Sok – Jung Joon Ho
  • Lawyers Of Korea (MBC-2008 )
    1. A Day Of Yi Kyung (Instrumental)
      Women – Kim Song Yi
      Homesick-PK Herman and Song Ji Eun
      Beautiful Trip – Lee Ji Hye
      The Moment Of Happiness (Instrumental)
      Climax (Opening)-Min Kyung Hoon
  • Love (MBC-1998)
    1. Love – Jang Dong Gun & Go Bon Seung
  • Lovers(SBS-2006)
    1. Go Hae – Chiyul
      Yun In – Jo Jang Hyuk
  • Lovers In Prague (SBS-2005)
    1. Dan Ha Na Eh Sarang – Yoo Hae Joon
      Gi Juk Gat Eun Nuh – Kim Shi Jin
  • Love Marriage [Buy Now]
    1. Love – Maybee & HowL (Featuring Humming Urban Stereo)
      Come To Me – J
      Zza Zza La – As One
      An Unextraordinary Confession – Lee Seung Hwan
      Hold Onto Me Now – Jung Jae Wook
      Oh My Friend – Big Bang
      Don’t Go – Brown Eyes
      Misread – Kings Of Convenience
      Download Link
      Better Together – Jack Johnson
      Love Starts (Instrumental)
  • Loving You (KBS-2002)
    1. Loving You-Park Yong Ha
      I Love You So Much-Park Yong Ha =>Download Link

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