K-Drama OST M – O

M – O

  • Marrying A Millionaire (SBS-2005)
    1. Suh Toon Gi Do – Kim Yoon Jib
      Too Love (Samba Ver) – Kim Hyun Ah
      4 Years – Kim Hyun Ah
      Sarang In Guh Jyo – Lee Jae Ho
      Anyclub – Lee Hyo Ri Feat.Teddy
      Love Fool – Olivia
      This Christmas – Sweetbox => Download Link
      To Love (Samba Guitar)
      Suh Toon Gi Do (Guitar Inst.)
      How Deep Is Your Love (Accoustic Guitar Ver.)=> Download Link
  • Merry Daegu (MBC-2007)
      One And One – Ji Hyun Woo
      Remember – The Melody
      Geu Dae Hon Ja Il Ddae – Lee Ha Na
  • Miss Mermaid (MBC-2002)
      Nae Ah Peun Sarang – True Bird
      Bi Ga – Han Do Young
      Download Link
  • Ms.Kim Million Dollar Quest (SBS-2004)
      Se Sang Ah Ep Suh – Kim Ga Yun
      Shining Love – Lim Ha Young
      Jan Eun Bo Suk (Bijou) – True Bird
  • My Girl (SBS-2006)
    1. Alone – Lim Jae Wan
      Never Say Good Bye – Mario & Nesty =>Download Link
  • My Lovely Samsoon (MBC-2005)
    1. She Is – Clazziquai
      Ee Byul Mot Han Ee Byul – Ji Sun (From Loveholic)
      Go Byul – Jo Yong Won
      Go Byul II – Lee Hae Na
      Inside My Heart – Kim Jung Eun =>Download Link
  • My Sweet City (SBS-2008)
      Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day – Morcheeba
      Moonlight – Lee Ji hyung
      Dal Kom Han Na Eh Do Shi – 8Eight
      Dal Kom Han Na Eh Do Shi – Lee Sun Gyun
      Dal Kom Han Na Eh Do Shi – Ji Hyun Woo
      Dal Kom Han Na Eh Do Shi – Choi Kang Hee
      Download Link
      White Island (Instrumental Track)
  • New Heart (MBC-2008 )
      Sarang Eul Mol Rat Jyo-Kim-Dong-Hee
      Morning Star-Yozoh & Sentimental Scenery
      Monologue-Monday Kiz (Jin Sung) & M To M (Choi Jung Hwan)
      Neu Rin Noon – Choi Yoo Mi
      Download Link
      Gam Sa – Hong Kyung Min
      Da Shin – Fanny Fink
      Nae Gen Sarang Ha Na-Taru
      Bye Bye Bye – Park Il
  • Oh! Feel Young (KBS-2004)
      Haeng Bok Han Ee Yoo – Oh Suk Joon
      Mut Dae Ro Mam Dae Ro – Kim Gil Joong => Download Link
  • On Air (SBS-2008 )[Buy CD Part 1 Now] [Buy CD Part 2 Now]
      Sum-Lee Beom Soo
      Han Ga Ji Mal – FT Island
      Go Ma Oon Sa Ram – Park Yong Ha
      Sul Re Im – Im Tae Yong
      We Sarang – Park Yong Ha
      If – Naby
      Chwee Jung Jin Dang (FTTS version & Kim Dong Ryul Version)
      Geu Rim Ja – Song Yun Ah
      Sarang Eul Hae Yo – Choi Hoon
      Nae Ge Geu Run Sa Ram-Cindy (Feat.Aman)
      Sky Love – Kim Ha Neul
      Ya Ri Ya – Han Ye Won
      Ya Ri Ya (Instrumental Version)
  • Only You (SBS-2005)
      Pyun Saeng To Rok – Project IJ
      Sarang Hal Gge – The One => Download Link
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    3 responses to “K-Drama OST M – O

    1. Hello.
      There is one instrumental music in Epi 20, time is 58:19 for 2 mins like that.i think it is not in the soundtrack..do u have the music?? thanks in advance.

    2. Sorry forgotten to mention, the Drama is On Air.Sorry.

    3. Did you mean Ya Ri Ya instrumental version? I did upload it ..see up there the last track on my On Air OST list in this blog.

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