The Vineyard Man (KBS-2006) – Screen Caps Part 2

Ji Hyun does not notice there tree branches and hit her head. Yoon Eun Hye ‘s gesture was so cute here..

Because Grandpa’s home do not have a proper toilet, Ji Hyun takes a bath at the front yard when there is nobody but suddenly, Grandpa and Taek Gi were back!!!

Ji Hyun suddenly has stomach ache after hold on for several days because she can’t use Granpa’s smelly toilet, and later poop in the farm. But when she wants to catch the toilet paper from Taek Gi, she falls down..Taek Gi makes joke of smelly Ji Hyun when driving home..

  • I Was Born To Love You – Freddy Mercury [D]

Note :
Taek Gi listen to this song when driving in his truck (I can’t remember which episode).
The late Freddy Mercury was once a lead vocalist to the legendary rock group QUEEN.


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