The Vineyard Man (KBS-2006) – Screen Caps Part 4

Taek Gi and Ji Hyun In Grape Festival

Jengish Khan

Jengish Khan is the song Taek Gi and Ji Hyun sing in the singing competition

Taek Gi “The Clothes Line Thief”

Taek Gi wants to take back the dress he actually bought for Ji Hyun. He actually bought the dress for Ji Hyun from the prize they got after winning the singing competition in the Grape Festival, but was too shy to give it to her. Meanwhile, Hong Yi found the dress and thought it was bought for her. She wears the dress and show it up for the entire village that it is from Taek Gi.</p.

Taek Gi later had to “steal” the dress form Hong Yi’s clothesline but mistakenly took along Hong Yi’s mother undies.

Village people thought there is a undies stealer pervert in the village. Afraid of being caught, Taek Gi has to secretly burned the undies and the dress.

  • Stay – Dreamhouse [L/D]
  • Note : This is the song played in the scenes where Taek, Ji Hyun, Grandpa and all the village people step on the vine in the drum and dancing together at Grape Festival..


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