Introducing : Ephemera (From Coffee Prince OST)

Ephemera is a award winning female trio from Norway. I first know about them as their song “Balloon and Champagne” is one of the track in the OST Collection of Coffee Prince and later also found their other nice track when I browsed around OST section at Soompi Forum.

Apparently, they are not quite famous globally as I found it’s quite hard to find information about them even through Google..After some efforts I finally found their website This band is consisted of Inger Lise Størksen , Christine Sandtorv and Jannicke Larsen.

Here are two of their tracks that I like…

  • Balloon and Champagne – Ephemera [D] [Buy Now]
  • Saddest – Day – Ephemera [D]
  • More websites of Ephemera (In Norwegian):

    (Thanks to : CHRISTINE SANDTORV  for posting these on the comment section on Sep 22, 2009)

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    3 responses to “Introducing : Ephemera (From Coffee Prince OST)

    1. I’ve loved this band since 2003. Their music is just awsome. But I hate not being able more info about them online, and they hardly ever update their english site.
      I wish they were more famous worldwide.

    2. Wow. I just found this. Thank you! You can listen to some of our music here: and visit my new blog here: (it is in norwegian 😦 )

    3. OMG! Are you Christine Sandtorv, one of the members of Ephemera?

      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and post comment. I’ll update the post with the link to the websites you gave me. Even though it’s in Norwegian, I hope it will be useful for the visitors of my blog to know more about Ephemera..once again thank you very much. I really appreciate that..

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