Vanilla Unity – Vol.1 : Love (2006)

I think among all K-Rock bands, Vanilla Unity is the one I love the most. I first knew about them because one of their song titled “TOMORROW” was also included in the OST Album of the popular 2006 K-Drama Goong .

LOVE is their first album released in 2006. It contains 12 songs in total and here is the extract of this album with only my favorite tracks :


1. Gypsophila (Instrumental)

2. Crying

3. How Do I Forget (I Love this track very much..Love the strings used in this song..Love the reffrain part..and the electric guitar is great as usual )

4. Singing Sun

5. Something And More

6. Sorry (Love the electric guitar solo in the middle of this track and the strings as well)

7. Sorry2 (The similarity with the first version of Sorry is on the background vocals near the end of the song but I still prefer the first one.)

8. Understand (A nice unplugged track…)

…And of course my other All Time favorite tracks from this album..

[Listen/D] [eSnips]

9. Hero

10. Tomorrow


2 responses to “Vanilla Unity – Vol.1 : Love (2006)

  1. Hi!

    I love vanilla unity too. This band is great!

    By the way, do yo any new info from vanilla unity?

    It is not easy to find about them. So, thanks for sharing here.

  2. Reblogged this on ilaaaaaaaaaaaaq and commented:
    i’m reblog it from @astralyz.
    aku benar-benar sangat suka dengan music mereka (Vanilla Unity) tapi satu yang aku tau tentang Vanilla Unity, info mereka sangat sulit untuk di temukan di Dunia Maya. betapa menyedihkannya.. untuk mendownload album mereka pun sangat sangat sangat lah sulit.

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