MV On Air – Love (Kyung Min’s Theme)

This is a Fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Sarang Eul Hae Yo By Choi Hoon”
Clips : Kyung Min and Young Eun’s scenes from K-Drama “On Air” (SBS-2008 )

My Comment :
I did not really like this song at first and did not even plan to make MV for this track. but became like it after listened to it for several times.

I found in most website the titled of this song has been translated as Heartbroken but although I do not understand Korean well, I think that Sarang Euh Hae Yo should be someting more about love. That’s why I named this MV as Love. This MV focus more on Kyung Min and his love to Young Eun or in other words, it is more of Kyung Min theme.

[Lyrics] Sarang Eul Hae Yo – Choi Hoon

o-jjeo-jyo geu-dae-ga gan-de-yo…
geu manh-eun bic-eul nam-gyeo-du go gan-de-yo…
a-peu-jyo i-je-ya a-peu-jyo
geu dong-an geu-jeo haeng-bog-e gyeo-wo neu-ggi-ji mot-haett-jyo..

wae mol-lass-eul-gga-yo
geu-dae-e sa-rang-i go-ma-wott-dan geol
han-eobs-i nae-ge ju-deon sa-rang-i~

sa-rang-eur hae-yo geu-dae-reul sa-rang-eur hae-yo
ul-meog-i-neun geu-dae dwit-mo-seub bo-myeo
hu-hoe-reur hae-yo nae sa-rang hu-hoe-reul hae-yo
mot-doe-gi-man haett-deon nae sa-rang-eun
geu-rae-seo na-neun ba-bon~ga~bwa-yo..

mol-latt-jyo geu jeon-en mol-latt-jyo
geu-dae-ga mae-il nae-ge seo-un-ha-da-haett-deon geu-mal-deul
keun bu-tag-do a-nin-de na-man-eul ar-att-deon
i-gi-jeog-i-deon nae mo-seub-eul mol-lass-sseott-deon-geo-jyo

i-byeor-eur hae-yo geu-dae-wa i-byeor-eur hae-yo
sang-cheo-man-jun o-ri-seog-eun sa-rang-i
nun-mur heul-lyeo-yo geu-dae-reul heul-lyeo-bo-nae-yo
mi-an-ha-dan han-ma-di mot-ha-neun
bi-geob-ha-gi-man haett-deon nae sa-rang-i..

na-bbeun nae mam-i but-jab-go mae-dal-li-rae-yo
bad-eun sa-rang gyeogg-go bo-nae-ju-rae-yo
an-doe-neun geo-jyo geu-reo-myeon an-doe-neun geo-jyo
i-byeol-ma-jeo nae sa-rang-dae-ro-man
a-peu-ge ha-myeon an-doe-janh-a-yo..


Sarang Eul Hae Yo-Choi Hoon 2MB [D][Mediafire][Buy Now]

Download link of this MV :
MV On Air-Love.mpg 44.84MB [Download][Mediafire]


3 responses to “MV On Air – Love (Kyung Min’s Theme)

  1. U made alot of MV on On Air…
    i haven finished watching the drama yet.
    u must have pour alot of effort and time in making all the nice mVs. Thank you so much!!!
    i still watching one by one!!
    thanks for bringing back each memorable scenes from the drama.


  2. Yeah..that’s because I was so hooked up with this drama back then…Love the OSTs and rewatching several times..before making the MVs.

  3. i missed the episods from 1 -8..cause at that time i couldn’t watched them as the show is airing at night 830.

    wow u rewatched so many times..seldom watched korean dramas but this will one of my best selections..hehe.

    once again,thanks for all the MVs.=D

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