MV On Air – All Casts Theme

This is a Fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Ya Ri Ya (Instrumental)”
Clips : All Casts’ scenes from K-Drama “On Air” (SBS-2008 )

My Comment :
This is the last MV I made for “On Air”. This drama top the numbers of MVs I made for 1 K-Drama. I made 12 MVs in total with my favorite tracks from its OST Album.. On Air is also the first drama I watched with so many cameo appearances from K-Celebrity . I read from CoolSmurf’s blog there were 28 K-Celebrity who made the cameo appearances in this drama. And this is also the first drama that I knew where the 4 main casts contributed songs for the OST Album…

With the great storyline, great OSTs, perfect casts and great acting skills from the actors, it is no wonder that ON AIR gained a very good rating during its airing..It is really one of the must-watch 2008 K-Dramas..

Finally, I love not only the main casts but the supporting casts as well…That’s why I made this MV..Enjoy!

Ya Ri Ya (Instrumental)[D][Mediafire][Buy Now]

Download link of this MV :
MV On Air-All Casts Theme.mpg 36.09MB [Download][Mediafire]


2 responses to “MV On Air – All Casts Theme

  1. if there is one gripe, it’s the shouting that dominated the earlier episodes.

  2. thanks for the videos!! =D

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