Goodbye Astralyz Channel, Welcome AstralyzB

After trying the best I could to save my K-drama fanmade MV channel at Youtube, Astralyz Channel, it is so upsetting that finally it was still suspended by Youtube on Aug 9 ,2008. It was two years after I opened that channel and had about 90s of my fanmade MVs on it.

I think it was a further effect after I had two of my fanmade MVs from SBS drama removed (Fashion 70s and Bad Couple) and in its notice, Youtube said it was a result of notification from SBS. However, the funny thing was that the last removal was actually a fanmade MV from Insoon Is Pretty, which was not a drama belonged to SBS as per Youtube’s notice but it was KBS’ .

Anyway, at this moment I do not think of giving up making fanmade MV yet since I still love K-Drama, so I open another channel, AstralyzB . I am now still working to reuploading all my old fanmade MVs in between making a new MVs and I will update the link on this blog as well later. **sigh**


One response to “Goodbye Astralyz Channel, Welcome AstralyzB

  1. This is a wonderful page you have here! I kind of discovered it by chance looking into a k-drama that Jang Geun Suk did. and now i think im going to stalk your page a bit more, but before i did that i wanted to tell you that i love your page and it has inspired me!! Dont give up on youtube we appreciate your

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