Fly High (SBS-2007)

Title: 날아오르다 / Fly High
Also known as: Sky High Episodes: 20
Casts :
Wang Bit Na as Lee Jin Hee
Kim Nam Jin as James O’Neil
Lee Jong Won as Kang In Sung
Lee Se Eun as Cha Yu Ri
Credits: Dramawiki

The Synopsis:

Six month after they were married, Jin Hee (played by Wang Bit Na) ’s husband, Kang Woo got an accident and left him in coma. Seven years later, his family in which Jin Hee lived with, was about to go bankrupt because of paying Kang Woo’s medical bill. To solve the financial problem, Kang Woo’s grandma then decided to sell homebrew wine made from the secret recipe of their noble family.

Meanwhile, James O’Neil (Kim Nam Jin) was a Korean who was adopted by an American when he was little. He came back to Korea as an CEO of a large supermarket with the actual aim to find his biological mother. First arrived in Korea, James and his brother Daniel was arranged to stay in Jin Hee’s house as a guests as they wanted to learn about Korean culture. He later befriended the family. However, his first encounter with Jin Hee was filled with misunderstanding. He thought that Jin Hee was having an affair with Kang In Sung (played by Lee Jong Won), Kang Woo’s doctor and best friend who has been treated like one of the family members and who also secretly in love with Jin Hee.That’s why James did not like Jin Hee but somehow became close with her son, Woo Jin.

James was shattered by the aloof treatment of his biological mother when he finally found her. She had been remarried to an apparently powerful man who was running a political campaign at the moment. Because of this reason,his mother did not want the fact that she abandoned James to be adopted in the past, was revealed to the public.

Since being a guest in Jin Hee’s house, James became a close friend and was very much welcomed by the family. He gave his hand to help Jin Hee’s grandmother and mother-in-law in the attempt to sell their wine. As he worked together with Jin Hee, finally James found the truth about her. He saw how devoted she was to her son, her sick husband and his family (she took care of Kang Woo’s mum and grandma).

James was actually about to rekindle his relationship with Cha Yu Ri (played by Lee Se Eun), his boss’ daughter whom he broke up with when he was in New York. However, seeing Jin He struggled with the family problem as well as her own, James who at first sympathized with Jin Hee, became slowly fell for her.He also got involved deeper to help the family .

Meanwhile, Jin Hee was so shocked when she knew the fact behind her husband’s tragic accident. Kang Woo’s was about to divorced her before the incident. Unbeknownst by his family, Kang Woo actually had a girlfriend. However, they broke up and the girl went overseas. Later, Kang Woo went into an arranged marriage with Jin Hee. Not long after the marriage, his girlfriend, Cha Mi Ri came back to Korea. As Kang Woo still loved her, he wanted to make up with Mi Ri and divorced Jin Hee. One day, Kang Woo who was driving, had a fight with Mi Ri on the phone which caused the accident before he told Jin Hee about the divorce. As Kang Woo fell into coma, he never knew that Jin Hee gave birth to his son, Woo Jin. Whereas, driving by her guilty feeling Mi Ri, who was also a doctor, helped In Sung to take care of Kang Woo in the hospital. Jin Hee was so devastated to know that for all the years she took care of Kang Woo and devoted herself to his family thinking that her husband loved her but the fact was he wasn’t.

Things became worst when Kang Woo finally awoke from his coma but did not want to see Jin Hee and his son, Woo Jin. Kang Woo later died of complication. It hurt Jin Hee so much to see that even before he died, Kang Woo only apologized to her and witness he expressed his love to Mi Ri for the last time. As her mother in law and her other relatives did not know what was happened, Jin Hee was blamed for not shed a tear during the funeral.

Kang Woo’s rejection to Jin Hee before he died was seen by James as his opportunity to win Jin Hee’s heart. She finally accepted James’ love. Upon knowing what Kang Woo did, his noble family later decided to let Jin Hee go with James but without her son, Woo Jin. Jin Hee was so sad seeing they took away her son from her and things got worse when it was revealed that James was actually Kang Woo’s cousin (his biological mother and Kang Woo’s mum was sibling). Then, Jin Hee and James had to try hard to gain approval from the strict family of Kang Woo so that they were willing to let go of Jin Hee and Woo Jin to be together with James.

My Comment :

Actually the storyline of this drama is not new. The story is kind of similar with Be Strong Geum Soon (BSGS) with much shorter episode, but I still love it like I love BSGS.

Although Wang Bit Na’s acting was a bit awkward at first but she slowly blended into the role. On the other hand, there was no anything special about Kim Nam Jin’s act but his chemistry with Wang Bit Na was good.

In brief, I love this drama and it is one of my favorite K-Dramas.


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