MV Golden Apple – Kyung Ku And Hong Yun Sad Love Theme

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “(Tae Yang Eul Sarang Han) Ul Eum Ggot – Lee & ”
Clips : Kyung Ku and Hong Yun’s scenes from K-Drama “Golden Apple” (KBS-2005)

My Comment :
I used the translation of the song as the other title of the MV. I am not sure if it is correct though because I got it with the help of language tool (Babelfish).
Spoiler Alert!
Anyway, the song sounds very sad just like the sad love story of Kyung Ku and Hong Yun. It was a childhood friendship that turned to become love when they  grew up. However, they faced the opposition from Hong Yun’s rich family. Her dad, who was a high rank officer in a intelligence bureau, tried to separate Hong Yan and Kyung Ku and let her married to other rich family. However, Hong Yun chose to elope with Kyung Ku. When they finally get caught by Hong Yun’s dad, he wanted to get Kyung Ku in jail. Kyung Sook tried hard to safe his brother’s life. She sent Kyung Ku to US when he got the scholarship to study there. Meanwhile, Hong Yun was forced into an arranged married.

However, when her new husband knew that she was pregnant with Kyung Ku’s child (as the result of their elopement), he abused her, made her suffer from miscarriage and sent her home. Sad Hong Yun later became depressed and sent to asylum.

As there was a political change in the country, Hong Yun’s dad was stripped from his position and they became poor, whereas Kyung Ku backed to Korea as a successful person. Together with him, there was also a girl from a rich family, Hee Young, whom he met in the US.

Seeing that in the past, his love had made all the people around him suffered, he chose to start a new life as what his family expected him to be. He once visited Hong Yun but later not anymore since his sister disagreed. Then, he plan to marry Hee Young but everything changed after Hong Yun’s dad revealed his past to Hee Young’s dad.

Hee Young  later wanted to forgive Kyung Ku with a condition that he followed her back to US. However, Kyung Ku refused since he did not want to leave his sister and brother. Knowing that Hee Young angry with Kyung Ku because of their past, Hong Yun met Hee Young to clear the misunderstanding. It was during the meeting that Hee Young finally understood how deep and unselfish Hong Yun’s love to Kyung Ku and that she was actually always in Kyung Ku’s heart. That’s why she finally chose to leave and let Kyung Ku and Hong Yun unite.

At first, I was a bit disappointed why the scriptwriter made Kyung Ku forgot about Hong Yun. He somehow has his share in causing Hong Yun suffer in her life. He only visited him once and then listen to his family to not see her anymore even though Hong Yun waited for him everyday. However, finally I understand that it was better for Hong Yun to recover from her mental illness not because of Kyung Ku but because of her own willing to live again.

(Tae Yang Eul Sarang Han) Ul Eum Ggot – Lee & [D][Mediafire][Buy Now]

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