eSnips – Deleting Files Without Notice?

About one hour ago I accidentally found out that some of the audio files I stored and shared on my eSnips account had been deleting without notice to me. The weird thing is that the files were still there in its folder but only when I click on the files that I got the notice saying “the file is no longer available on eSnips”. Then I checked all the files I stored there and finally found nearly 30 audio files have gone.

The deletion without notice is what made me so upset with eSnips. When I had my video files on my previous Youtube account removed, at least I still got the notice but I did not get any information at all from eSnips. Anyway, I will no longer upload songs there and will just keep the existing files until eSnips delete them all. Luckily that I never really trust free online storage. That’s why I have my files store in many different site.

I will reupload the deleted songs on other site and restore the download links on this blog. Finally, if you upload songs via eSnips, just check if you still have the files there.


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