My K-Rock Collection

Although I listen to almost all kind of music but I think that Rock is my most favorite one.

As I like to hunt for K-Drama OST, I also got to know Korean Rock (K-Rock) and Korea definitely have many of the great Rock bands.

These are the collection of my favorite K-Rock on this blog. I put the list in alphabetical order of the singer’s /group’s name

Big Bang (Feat. No Brain)-Oh My Friend (Love Marriage OST)
Choi Jin Young-Shi Jak (Super Rookie OST)
Cloud Cuckoo Land-Coffee Is (Coffee Prince OST)
Cloud Cuckoo Land-Da Shi (Coffee Prince OST)
Connexion (Feat TM™)-Ah Reum Da Oon Se Sang Eul Chat Ja Suh (Perfect Neighbour OST)
FT Island-Han Ga Ji Mal (On Air OST)
FT Island-Sarang Eul Bo Aht Na Bwa (In Soon Is Pretty OST)
Kim Eun Bae-Thanks To (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee OST)
Kim Tae Hoon-My Life
Lee Seung Hwan-Superhero (Evasive Inquiry Agency OST)
Loveholic- Dream (Good Person OST)
Moonlight Fairy – Na Eh No Rae (TV Version)
No Brain – My Luck Is Great (Hong Gil Dong OST)
No Brain – Dragon Fighter (Single)
Park Kyung Tae-Shine On Me (Invincible Parchute Agent OST)
Park Wan Kyu-Yun (Hong Gil Dong OST)
Park Yong Ha-Go Ma Oon Sa Ram (On Air OST)
Pearl’s Day-To You Of Mine (Dal Ja’s Spring OST)
Pearl’s Day-To The Sky (Powerful Opponent OST)
Rocket Diary – District 13 (Album Extract)
Rocket Diary – Single (Album Extract)
The Mun-Turning Point (Invincible Parachute Agent OST)
Vanilla Unity-Commonplace (Album Extract)
Vanilla Unity-Farewell and Tonight (Album Extract)
Vanilla Unity-Love (Album Extract)
Winter Green – OST Compilation


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