How Much Love (MBC-2006)

Title: 얼마나 좋길래
Also known as: How Much Love
Episodes: 125

Casts :

Suh family

* Kim Ji Hoon as Suh Dong Soo
* Yeo Woon Kye as Dong Soo’s grandmother
* Jun In Taek as Suh Pil Do (father)
* Sin Ju A as Suh Jae Hee (sister)
* Moon Ji Yoon as Suh Dong Suk (brother)

Lee family

* Jo Yeo Jung as Lee Sun Joo
* Kim Young Chul as Lee Man Bok (father)
* Kim Bo Yeon as Sun Joo’s mother
* Yoon Se Ah as Lee Hae Joo (sister)
* Kim Ji Young as Man Bok’s sister

Oh family

* Jung Chan as Oh Hyung Chul
* Go Doo Shim as Hyung Chul’s mother
* Do Yi Sung as Oh Soo Chul (brother)

Other people

* Ha Jae Sook as Ah Ra (nightclub manager)
* Maeng Sang Hoon as Ha Sun Jung

Credits: Dramawiki

The Synopsis:

This drama told a love story of a rich girl, Sun Joo and a poor guy, Dong Soo.

Although Sun Joo and Dong Soo loved each other very much but they had to go through difficulties because of the old grudge between their families and the rage of Sun Joo’s ex boyfriend, Hyung Chul who vowed to revenge after Sun Joo left him for Dong Soo on their wedding day.

My Comment :

It was Kim Ji Hoon who made me interested to have a go with this drama. However, since tearjerker drama is not my favorite drama, I don’t really like this one too. For me, Sun Joo and Dong Soo’s love story was a bit cheesy despite the great chemistry between Kim Ji Hoon and Jo Yeo Jung. Luckily, there were other couples in this drama with their more entertaining and funny love stories. The couples were Soo Chul (Hyung Chul’s younger brother) – Hae Joo (Sun Joo’s younger sister) and Dong Suk (Dong Soo’s younger brother)-Ah Ra (his manager in the nightclub).

Hyung Chul and Jae Hee (Dong Soo’s younger sister)’s love story was nice as well. Although Hyung Chul’s character was so annoying at first as he insisted not to let Sun Joo’s go and plotted to take revenge to Dong Soo but later he became a good person when he fell in love with Jae Hee. In the end, it’s a happy ending for everybody.

Soo Chul and Hae Joo

Dong Suk-Ah Ra

Hyung Chul and Jae Hee

The OST :[L/D][4Shared]

  • Jak Eun Haeng Bok – Lee Hyung Suk
  • Nae Salm Eh Nun – Choi Mi Sun
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    12 responses to “How Much Love (MBC-2006)

    1. I really like this drama. But it’s really hard to find the sites where i can download all the song. (i’ll have 1album of the soundtrack,but i’m sure there still some sountrack i havent got. B’cos there’s still some song i didn’t have in the album that i heard in the drama.)Some of the search engine couldn’t show the relation of this drama very well too. Why this drama is so hard to find?

    2. I got the soundtrack from the OST section of Soompi Forum. The OST album posted there has 13 tracks in total but I do not post them all here because I tend to post only the tracks I like on my blog.

    3. I watch How Much Love presuming it’s only 30 eps *read the eps info at*
      Turn out that it’s 100+ eps @__@
      But for my dearest Kim Ji Hoon, I must watch all of the eps to please my eyes ^^

    4. I like this Drama very much. I always watch your movies . I love Kim Ji Hoon and Jo yoe Jung.

    5. Hello
      I like this drama very much and I love Kim Ji Hoon . U are so cute and sweet. your smile is so attractive for me. I Love you forever.

    6. i get detail – how much love (MBC) movie

    7. i get movie detail howmuch love(MBC)

    8. is there any eng sub and a website to watch this or is it copyrighted, i really wanted to see this drama.

    9. i wld luv to see this drama but i’m not even sure if they’re still in print…only coz of my idol Kim Ji Hoon who is extremely handsome & good in acting! luv him to the max.

    10. I lake kim ji hoon n jo yeo jung…fheiting

    11. I really like this drama ( How Much Love ) . It makes me feel sad & love. And I love Kim Ji Hoon so much in this drama. He act so smart!

    12. how can i download mp3 how much love???
      and which site free can i download…????

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