Catch A Kang Nam Mother – The Extended Characters

The Children

Spoiler Alert! Skip this page if you don’t like spoiler

Choi Jin Woo (Min Joo’s Son)

He is very good boy. Knowing that his mom, Min Joo, works hard in order to have him get the better education, he also works hard in his study. However, it hurts him when he learns that in order to pay for the high expenses of his school, his mom has to work in a KTV club.

Min Joo makes a hard decision to get a fast money working in a KTV for some time. She does not do anything more than drinking company to the guests though. After getting the amount of money she needed, she is about to quit but on the last days working there, she gets caught by police who raid that illegal KTV. Although, Sun Woo is angry with Min Joo when he knows what she did but he helps to bail her out. It is also Sun Woo, who later make Jin Woo understand his mom’s position and forgives her.

Do Joon Ong (Mi Kyung’s Son)

Among the children characters, Joon Ong can be said as the happiest one. Ji Yeon and Jin Woo even envy him because he really knows what he wants to do and his parents give him the freedom to choose. Like the kids from his age, Joon Ong also through a rebellious period and do things such as try smoking and fighting. He is not good in academic but has talents in other things such as sports (he is good at mountain climbing) and dancing.

His relationship with his stepmom, Mi Kyung is not good but it is just a matter of time before he realize that Mi Kyung is actually a good and supportive mom.

He has a crush on Ji Yeon but turns into rivalry with Jin Woo when it looks like Ji Yeon prefer Jin Woo to  him. Three of them become good friends though.

Lee Ji Yeon (Soo Mi’s Daughter)

She is a lovely girl and always doing great in her studies. She doesn’t look like to have any problem with her mom, Soo Mi, takes a full control on what she should study and learn. After all, she is still a little girl who does not really understand why her older brother become so unhappy and her parents gets into problem.

She befriends Jin Woo and Jun Ong who both likes her. But unbeknownst to them, Ji Hyun has her own favorite type of guy.

Lee Chang Hoon (Soo Mi’s Son)

There are not many scenes of Chang Hoon in the drama but his story is the saddest and tragic one.

He is the eldest son of Soo Mi. A good but a little bit quiet boy. He dreams to become a painter but his mom, Soo Mi, wants him to become a doctor. Soo Mi send him to a boarding school to study what she wants him to be. However, being forced to do what he doesn’t like cause Chang Hoon to suffer from depression.

His dad  who promise to persuade his mom to let him change school,  is his last hope. However , a big fight between his parents, makes his dad leaves the house and Chang Hoon’s problem unsolved. As he feels hopeless and desperate after his dad gone, Chang Hoon makes a tragic decision to end his life by jumping down from the building where he lives, leaving behind his dream to become a painter and an illusion of  his happy family. Although it has been a bit late, Chang Hoon’s death finally wakes Soo Mi up and bring the reconciliation to his parents.

These  scenes is really sad and touching…

The music played in the background of these scenes is the instrumental version of a song titled “You’re Still You”. I haven’t got this song as it is not included in the OST Album. As a substitute, I post the vocal version from Josh Groban..It’s a very nice song and also one of my favorite songs.

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    1. what is the real name of jin woo?

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