Hanayome Wa Yakudoshi/The Bride Is Fake (TBS-2006)

Title: 花嫁は厄年ッ!
Also known as: Hanayome wa Yakudoshi!/The Pretend Bride (KIKU)/The Bride Is Fake
Episodes: 12
Casts :
Shinohara Ryoko as Taketomi Akiko
Yabe Hiroyuki as Azuchi Ichiro
Matsushima Nahomi as Motomura Nozomi
Ozawa Maju as Azuchi Kaori
Koyama Keiichiro as Azuchi Jiro
Sato Hitomi as Katagiri Momoko
Ukaji Takashi as Hiroshi Takashi
Iwashita Shima as Azuchi Yukie
Sasano Takashi as Azuchi Koji

The Synopsis:

This year is the yakudoshi, or “unlucky year” for 32-year old Akiko (Shinohara Ryoko), a television announcer. She dumped by her current boyfriend and lost her position in a news program to a rookie announcer. What’s worse, she is assigned to go undercover and experience life as a farmer’s bride for a variety program. Akiko pretends to be the fiancée of Ichiro (Yabe Hiroyuki), an ex-boyfriend whom she accidentally met again after 10 years, and begins her “bridal training” at the peach farm of Ichiro’s parents. Awaiting Akiko is a quirky family filled with extraordinary personalities, led by the stern mother-in-law, Yukie (Iwashita Shima).

Credits: Dramawiki

My Comment :

I dare to say this is one of my most favorite J-Doramas. I have been watched more than once as I love it very much. It is a funny and heartwarming drama. It reminds me of Korean drama The Vineyard Man, with a similar theme about city girl goes into the farm and fall in love there. The different is that, in this drama is more of a family drama and the male lead is not a farmer. But same with The Vineyard Man, it has one of the happiest ending ever. It told the story until after the main couple got married and the female lead got pregnant.

Shinohara Ryoko is outstanding and very expressive here as Akiko. She is a good actress.  She  effortlessly makes Akiko look cute in some scenes without having to be exaggarating. (After watching many J-Doramas, I think that Japanese actors are the best in playing cute characters. I often find the characters in doramas are cute without the need for the actors to  over acting such as those I can sometimes find in K-Dramas).  Akiko, is a career oriented woman but her love to Azuchi family change her mind later. She acts like a real daughter in law and helping to solve the problems in Azuchi family despite the fact that she is a fake one. As she fall in love with the family she also get to know Ichiro better and rekindle the old love. The problem is that, she has yet to face the biggest challenge once  her disguise is revealed to Azuchi family.

Iwashita Shima, the actress who played as Yukie, the strict mother in law, is also good. Yukie is actually a very loving mother but having problem in expressing her feeling and causing her own child to misunderstand her.

On the other hand, Yabe Hiroyuki, despite he is a well known comedian there in Japan, may sometimes look unnatural in his acting (I have no idea whether this is the first serious character he played, though). In this drama he also speak in dialect and once again I have no idea if it is part of the acting or if he originally talk like that. However, his chemistry with Shinohara Ryoko is great. That’s why I am kind of able to forgive the flaws. Ichiro, the character played by Yabe Hiroyuki, although sometimes looks ignorant but he is actually a very nice and gentle person.

Besides, the main characters above, I also love the other Azuchi family members. Their quirkiness makes the drama become more entertaining.


One response to “Hanayome Wa Yakudoshi/The Bride Is Fake (TBS-2006)

  1. i will try this! and my fav drama still standing is kekkon dekinai otoko 😀

    i have caught vineyard man and i shall try this soon! try haken no hikaku show by Shinohara Ryoko

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