Tazza (SBS-2008)

Title: 타짜 / Tajja
Also known as: Tazza / War of Flowers
Episodes: 21
Casts :
Jang Hyuk as Kim Go Ni
Han Ye Seul as Lee Nan Sook / Jin Ah
Kim Min Joon as Young Min
Kang Sung Yun as Madame Jang
Kim Gab Soo as Ah Gwi
Son Hyun Joo as Go Gwang Ryul
Im Hyun Sik as Pyung Kyung Jang
Lee Ki Yeol as Dae Ho

The Synopsis:

Since he was young, Go Ni seemed to have talent in betting game. After the death of his father, his mother raised him with the help of his father’s best friend Dae Ho. When he is grown up, Go Ni’s love of gambling continues although his mother and Dae Ho do not allow him to play Hwato (Korean card game).

Less that Go Ni know that his father was actually died because of gambling. There is a man who well known in gambling world named Ah Gwi. Ah Gwi held an old grudge against Dae Ho since he was jailed because of Dae Ho. After his release he went after Dae Ho to seek revenge. However, Dae Ho has been leaving gambling world and live a low profile life as a photographer. In order to lure Dae Ho out from his hiding, Ah Gwi used Go Ni father by trapped him into gambling. After found out that he lost all the money that Go Ni’s mother wanted to use for their business, Go Ni’s father went berserk and confronted Ah Gwi but he ended up hit by Ah Gwi’s car. Finding that Go Ni’s father died because of Ah Gwi, Dae Ho went to find Ah Gwi to seek revenge. Ah Gwi challenged him to play Hwato with their hands as the bet. Ah Gwi lost to Dae Hoo but instead of chopping his hand, Dae Hoo chopped Ah Gwi’s finger. Years later, Ah Gwi becomes an even more powerful person in gambling world and he still has the desire to defeat Dae Hoo for revenge.

During his high school, Go Ni becomes best friend with Young Min. He also accidentally meet his first love, Nan Sook again whom he have not seen since his family moved out from his hometown.

Young Min is raised by his grandma who suffers from serious illness. Since they are poor, Young Min cannot afford to pay his grandma’s medical fees. It is Go Ni who often help him by earning the money from gambling. At the critical time when his grandma needs to undergo surgery in order to survive, Young Min and Go Ni played Hwa To in Ah Gwi’s gambling house with the hope to get money to pay for the fees. Both Go Ni and Young Min try to cheat in order to win. However, they are caught by Ah Gwi’s men. Ah Gwi then send one of his men, Dong Chun, to join the game. Feeling something is not alright, Young Min ask Go Ni to just quit the game since they have won some money. However, Go Ni ignore him and continue to play. Finally, they lost all the money instead.

Unable to obtain the money for the operation on time, Young Min’s grandma later dies. The matter is getting worse when the hospital do not allow Young Min to take his grandma’s dead body because he has not pay the bill. Feeling sad and desperate, Young Min decides to work for the gambling house which has been always wanted to recruit him before. Young Min ‘s boss clash with Ah Gwi. When they come to attack Ah Gwi, Ah Gwi uses the police force to caught them. Go Ni try to save Young Min from being jailed. In order to get the money to bail Young Min out, Go Ni steals his mum’s money and uses it for gambling. Go Ni does not know that Ah Gwi already got Young Min out. Since their first meet, Ah Gwi has been seen the potential that Go Ni and Young Min’s have and wants to recruit them. He prefers cool headed Young Min though and uses this opportunity to recruit Young Min. On the other hand, Go Ni is cheated by Dong Chun in the gambling table and it is at this time that the gambling house is suddenly caught in fire.

The person who set fire is actually Nan Sook’s older brother. He has been addicted to gambling. As he has lost all of his own money, he tries to borrow money from Madame Jang, who is also one of Ah Gwi’s people. Madam Jang tricks him to use Nan Sook as the guarantee. Young Min, who has never known Nan Sook’s brother before, is asked to play with him and make him lost in the gamble. After lost, Nan Sook’s brother becomes desperate and tries to burn the gambling house. When trying to get out from the house, Young Min sees Go Ni. Go Ni who has been shocked that he lost the money, was even more surprise to see Young Min is there instead of in police custody. It is the same with Young Min. He wonders why Go Ni comes to the house. Go Ni is questioning how Young Min can get out from the custody and somehow feel betrayed since Young Min is the reason why he is at the gambling house. But the question is left open since they do not give each other explanation. After this incident, Go Ni and Young Min go their separate ways. Feeling ashamed to his mother, Go Ni run away from home. Before heading to Seoul, he comes nearby Nan Sook’s house just to bid her farewell from afar. However, he does not notice the car that passing him has Nan Sook inside trying to free herself from the hand of Ah Gwi’s people.

Years later, Young Min and Nan Sook are in Seoul and have become Ah Gwi’s people. Young Min works as Ah Gwi’s right hand man and Nan Sook works under Madam Jang as a bait to lure their targeted victim. The once naive Nan Sook has turned to become a confident woman and change her name as Jin Ah. She works hard for Madam Jang in the hope that one day she can have her freedom in exchange of her service to Madam Jang. Meanwhile, being together with Nan Sook makes Young Min has a feeling to her however it is just an unrequited love since Nan Sook always has Go Ni in her heart. Besides, after he knows about Nan Sook’s brother he feels guilty towards her and haunted by the fear if one day Nan Sook finds out about what he had done.

On the other side of Seoul, Go Ni works in a racecourse’s stable. Through a series of events, Go Ni meets Nan Sook and Young Min again. However, they keep from Go Ni the fact that they work for Ah Gwi.

The reunion rekindle Go Ni and Nan Sook’s relationship. Go Ni also get a chance to know Gwang Ryul, who is also a cheater. Since Go Ni always has the desire to one day find Dong Chun and take revenge, when he and Gwang Ryul get an opportunity to meet Pyung Kyung Jang, a well known Hwato master, both of them try to persuade him to accept them as his students. After put an effort for some time, they finally succeed. Pyung Kyung Jang is also the teacher of Ah Gwi and Dae Ho .

Go Ni later finds out Dong Chun. But his effort to get revenge takes him further to finally know that Ah Gwi is the master mind of what have happened to him and he is also the killer of his father. Therefore, Go Ni decides to confront Ah Gwi by cooperate with Ah Gwi’s rival. However, he does not know that Ah Gwi has his grip on Nan Sook and Young Min. Young Min tries to stop him to go against Ah Gwi but he fails before he harms Nan Sook who is about to get her freedom. Meanwhile, Ah Gwi make use of Young Min and Nan Sook to win over Go Ni on the gambling table. At the time when Go Ni knows the fact, it has been too late. For her love to Go Ni, Nan Sook trades her freedom to save Go Ni by deliberately lose to him. Angry Young Min blames Go Ni for causing him and Nan Sook have to face the consequences from Ah Gwi.

Although deep inside his heart, Young Min always value Go Ni as his best friend and try to save him several times but his involvement with Ah Gwi slowly separates him further from Go Ni. Not to mention his unrequited love to Nan Sook because of Go Ni.  While he never be able to have Nan Sook , there is Madam Jang who always has her eyes on Young Min and Madam Jang will be the one who truly loves him in the end.

Ah Gwi uses Young Min hands to frame Go Ni. Go Ni is made as the suspect for killing Ah Gwi’s rival to whom he worked for. In order to proof his innocent, Go Ni tries to escape and avoid jail. Meanwhile, when learning about what happen to Go Ni, Dae Ho accepts Ah Gwi’s invitation to gamble with him again. This time with a video tape which can proof Go Ni’s innocent as the bet. However, Ah Gwi uses Young Min in the game and Young Min ends up kill Dae Ho.

Go Ni who gets caught during the escape is put in jail. But it is in the jail that he gets to know his fellow inmates with very unique characters and abilities who will later help him in his revenge. He also has a chance to know a powerful inmate dubbed as Single Ear, who happen to hold an old grudge against Ah Gwi and has planned  for his revenge for years. His nickname Single Ear comes from the fact that he only has one ear and the other one is badly deformed because of Ah Gwi. After his release, Single Ear manages to get Go Ni out before completing his sentence for the sake of the revenge. With the help of the people around him, including Nan Sook, Go Ni makes his plot to  seek revenge to  Ah Gwi, who has ruined his life and the people he loves and also to Young Min for killing his uncle Dae Ho.

My Comment :

As my English is not good enough, I normally just find the synopsis of the drama I post on my blog from the net. But it is so bad that for Tazza I can say all of the synopsis I found through googling are not correct even on Dramawiki. For example some synopsis says that Dae Ho is Go Ni’s step father. I don’t know if I miss something when I watched this drama. Pardon me if I do as I am lazy to rewatch it again since this drama is quite a heavy drama. But as far as I know Dae Ho didn’t marry Go Ni’s mother. Go Ni indeed tried to match his mother with Dae Ho but it seems like they are more of in the relationship based on respecting each other. There are no scenes that show any love between them. Uncle Dae Ho did take care of Go Ni and his mum, though, since his father asked Dae Ho to do him this favour before his death. Apparently they lives separately as well but it’s still near each other. It emerges in my mind that those synopsis probably mirror to the movie version of Tazza. I have not watched the movie version though. Due to the reason above, I try to write the synopsis for this blog myself.

Frankly speaking, Tazza is not my favorite drama. The actors. especially Jang Hyuk and Kim Min Joon, are the reason I finished watching this drama although with fast forwarding in some episodes.

In my opinion, although for the actors, they probably find it challenging to play the characters in this drama but as a viewer I think that this drama is a bit slow paced and sometimes draggy. I almost lost my patient to wait for the time when Go Ni finally found out that Young Min and Nan Sook worked for Ah Gwi. Besides, I don’t really like Go Ni’s character. I think that he is often so emotional in doing things. Because of this he almost causes trouble to the people who support him including Nan Sook for several times.

When follow Tazza story, it somehow reminds me of other older K-drama Green Rose. In my opinion, these dramas have similarity in general, which is about an innocent man who is framed by the bad guy and later comes out to seek revenge. However, I prefer Lee Jung Hyun’s character (the lead character in Green Rose which played by Go Soo) to Go Ni. Although he is full of rage to revenge but Jung Hyun is very cool headed in executing his plan. He is a character that often can control his emotion, which is why I like him more.

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  • Insaengan Hanbang(Life is Gambling)-Esther & Tyfoon [L/DL]
  • Reason (Male Version)-Bobby Kim [L/DL]
  • Reason (Female Version)-Bobo [L/DL]
  • Sarang Chan Apeuda(Love Is So Heartbreaking)-Ye Sung (Super Junior)[L/DL]
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