Name :  藤木直人/Fujiki Naohito
Nickname : Nao
Date of Birth :19 July 1972 (The young brother of a twin)
Horoscope : Cancer
Height : 180 cm
Blood Group : A
Education : Waseda University (Major in Information Technology)
Favourite Colours: Black, Red, Orange
Favourite Music : Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Favourite Singers : Steve Vai, Aerosmith, Winger, Extreme
Favourite Alcohol Drinks : Imo Shouchu (Japanese distilled liquor made from sweet potato)
Favourite Food : Japanese Cuisine
Favourite Sports : Baseball, Soccer
Hobbies :  Fishing, bowling
Favourite Subject : Mathematics
Leisure Activities : Shopping and Mahjong game
Instrumental Talent :  Guitar, Piano
Status : Married (He married his long time girlfriend in 2005 and she gave birth to their first child in December of 2006)

My Comment:
I first knew about Fujiki Naohito from his drama “Around 40”. Even though his character as Okamura Keitaro was not the charming type but yet he drew my attention. He is not the very handsome type but I think he is very nice to look at. He looked so much younger in this drama that I thought he might born in late 70s. It surprised me later that he was actually born in 1972.

After watching Around 40, I started to look for information about him and admire him even more after found out his other talents. Fujiki Naohito certainly not just has a look but also the brain. Waseda University, the university where Fujiki graduated from, is apparently one of the prestigious universities in Japan. He is also a very talented person. Beside active in performing arts, Fujiki is also a singer and song writer (he wrote some of his songs).

In my opinion, Fujiki Naohito is also a good actor. I started to find his previous dramas since Around 40 but focus only on dramas that he played lead roles. He played such a various different characters in his dramas. He is surprisingly funny as Buchou in Hotaru No Hikari. He also good in playing a playboy type character such as in Love Revolution and Itoshi Kimi E.

I also just knew that he actually played the character of Hanazawa Rui in the old version of HANA YORI DANGO with Uchida Yuki as Makino Tsukushi and Tanihara Shosuke as Domyuji Tsukasa. I am really curious how the drama is and how they look like but can not find it anymore since it was too old, it’s a 1995 drama. However, I do love the new version of HANA YORI DANGO

Back to the actors who played in old HANA YORI DANGO, I like Tanihara Shosuke as well after recently watch his drama CALL ME CA. As for Uchida Yuki, I first saw her in an old J-Dorama BIG WING where she paired with Takashi Kashiwabara. Her other latest drama I watched after that is BAMBINO! but she is only a supporting actor there. If you don’t know about Uchida Yuki, you can see her in the MV I posted for Bambino here. In the clip, she is the character who is shown open the restaurant door. I can’t imagine how Fujiki Naohito looks like as Hanazawa Rui, he might look cool I guess.

Finally, I used to have no favorite Japanese actors until I got to know FUJIKI NAOHITO. More of his stuff that I have in my collection is coming up soon on this blog.


One response to “FUJIKI NAOHITO

  1. thanks for this. he has just became my fav actor too! 😀

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