Hotaru No Hikari (NTV-2007)

Title: ホタルノヒカリ
Also known as: Hotaru No Hikari/Glow of Fireflies
Episodes: 10
Casts :
Ayase Haruka as Amemiya Hotaru
Fujiki Naohito as Takano Seiichi
Kuninaka Ryoko as Saegusa Yuuka
Kato Kazuki as Teshima Makoto
Takeda Shinji as Jinguuji Kaname
Itaya Yuka as Yamada Sachiko
Yasuda Ken as Futatsugi Shouji
Asami Reina as Sono Minako

The Synopsis: (Spoiler Alert !)

On the outside, Ameyima Hotaru (Ayase Haruka) is an attractive young office lady who is very competent at her job at an interior design firm. But at home, she’s actually a “himono onna”, which literally means a dried fish woman, an expression given to her due to her character. In her early 20s, Hotaru renounced the pursuit of romance. She spends her evenings reading manga and drinking at home alone, and she spends her weekends lazing around in bed. Everyday, she rushes home so she can spending her time reading manga or drink beer and wearing her sweat pants in her messy but oh-so-comfortable house. On the weekends, rather than date, she prefers to laze around and fall asleep on the patio with a newspaper over her face. Her single life takes a turn when her landlord’s just separated son decides to move back into the house, and walks in on Hotaru in her true state. What’s more, the landlord’s son turns out to be her boss Takano (Fujiki Naohito). Thus begins their life as reluctant housemates.

For the organized and tidy Takano, living together with Hotaru who has a completely opposite character and habit from him is really a challenge. At the beginning they argue a lot but yet many surprise and funny things happen between them as they try to adjust themselves as share mates.

It is their troubled love lives that later  lead them closer. They becomes each other confidant and support one another.  Hotaru has a crush on her colleague, Teshima Makoto (Kato Kazuki) but having been given up from dating for along time makes her become so inconfident and nervous to approach him. It is Takano, who support him all along the way until she is finally able to express her feeling to Makoto.

Takano, whom Hotaru address as “Buchou” (which means Manager), learns from Hotaru to also put more effort in his own love life. His wife left him because he used to be so focus in his work that he ignored her. After realize that he actually still loves his wife, Buchou try to reconcile with her. Unfortunately, it was a little bit too late for him since his wife has moved on.

Despite Hotaru  always tells him everything about  her and Makoto, Buchou on the other hand does not do the same to  her. He keeps his problem himself but gives his full support to Hotaru to be with Makoto  even though he  realizes that he starts to fall for Hotaru.

On the other hand, Hotaru who has been so focus only on Makoto, never really understands whom her  true feeling is really for . She leaves the house she shares with Buchou and be together with Makoto.  Living with Makoto somehow makes her unable to become her own true self. The happiness to be together only last for a while, then it slowly turns to become a burden to her. It is during this period she realizes how she misses the front patio of Buchou’s house, drinking beer and talking about everything to him.

Learning that Hotaru has been lived together with Buchou before, often makes Makoto unreasonably jealous towards Hotaru and Buchou. Although  Buchou has been clearly explained that he and Hotaru was just sharemates and nothing had ever happened between them. Troubled by the fact that he can’t do anything to make Hotaru more comfortable when she is with him, Makoto later takes the initiative to end their relationship.

Hotaru is really saddened by the breakup. Even though Makoto try to convince her that the one she truly loves is Buchou, it takes some time for Hotaru to understand her own feeling before deciding to go back to Buchou…Go back to the place where she is supposed to be..

Credits: Yesasia with some addition by me.

My Comment :

Hotaru No Hikari is really one of my all time favorite J-doramas.

I watched this because of Fujiki Naohito since I become a fan of him after Around 40 but later really fell in love with this drama because of its storyline and the chemistry of the characters. It is enough to make me  watched it for more than once as I love to see Hotaru and Buchou so much.

Hotaru and Buchou is such a cute couple . When they are together, there are many moments that actually can lead to  romantic situation between them.  But it is Buchou who often  kill the atmosphere with his surprise reaction or comment…:D . They still have such a great chemistry though and  are so comfortable with each other.  Despite the fact they have completely different personality.

I really like Buchou character. He is such a respectable man. He loves Hotaru but he does not insist to push in between her and Makoto. Instead, he supports her to find her happiness with Makoto.

He draws a very clear line between he and Hotaru after she leaves the house to be with Makoto. In one scene, he quickly cut off their conversation when Hotaru starts to say how she misses to sit on the patio of the house they  once shared even though he also feels the same.  But when it comes to work, he always be there to help Hotaru  whenever she has problems.   In the end, Hotaru is so touched when she finds out that  Buchou  keep the place where she used to  sit   on  the patio specially to her  until she comes back to him.

As for Makoto, he is a good person  but I think despite he says he loves Hotaru, he does not put effort as much as Hotaru in making their relationship work. He does not even try to understand her. That’s what makes Buchou is the best for Hotaru..

Besides, the main characters, I actually love the supporting characters as well.

I like Jinguuji Kaname, he is such a nice guy. He is also the one who often gives advice to Makoto in regards of his relationship with Hotaru. He also the one who ask  Makoto to accept Hotaru the way she is when all the people think that Makoto minds about Hotaru being a himono onna, with her sweat pants and samurai knot.  He likes Saegusa Yuuka and does a lot to make her happy but Yuuka is too busy to attract Makoto that she ignores him. Fortunately, Yuuka is finally able to see what a great man he is. It is also after accidentally heard Yuuka told how her felt about Kaname, that Hotaru can understand her own feeling to Buchou at last.

I also like Buchou’s best friend, Futatsugi Shouji. He is such a reliable friend of Buchou and also a really nice guy. While Buchou failed in his marriage because he was too focus on work, Shouji on the other hand, put all his effort to please his ex wife, yet she still left him. What a poor guy. He  understands how Buchou feels  towards Hotaru and sincerely hope that Buchou can end up with her. In the end of the drama, there is an indication that he may end up with  Yamada Sachiko, the senior female staff who is also the love expert to whom Hotaru and her colleagues like to turn for advice on love problems. I think  Shouji and Sachiko may become a great couple as well.

Well, after watching the drama, I tried to find the manga of Hotaru No Hikari from the net and took a glance of it . The storyline is quite different from the dorama version, but I think I love the dorama better. Great cast, great OST and storyline. Just like most of the viewers of this drama has said, I also can relate part of myself to the expression of “himono onna”..:D

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    One response to “Hotaru No Hikari (NTV-2007)

    1. Amemiya is really funny, but I didn’t know Buchou could be funny too! I like them both! This is my favorite Ayase Haruka Drama! (:

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