My Favorite Instrumental Tracks Collection From J-Dorama OST

The collection is in alphabetical order of the J-Doramas’ title

  • [Hanayome Wa Yakudoshi] Miss Unlucky Year (A Theme Of Akiko)
  • [Hanayome Wa Yakudoshi] Miss Unlucky Year (Akiko In Her Dream)
  • [Hanayome Wa Yakudoshi] Miss Unlucky Year (Piano Version Unplugged)
  • [Hanayome Wa Yakudoshi] Astaire Is Crying
  • [Hanayome Wa Yakudoshi] Astaire Is Runaway => Download Link
  • [Hana Yori Dango]Cloudy Noon
  • [Hatsu Taiken]Hi No Ataru Sakamichi(Instrumental)-Nakanishi Toshihiro
  • [Hatsu Taiken]Faible Lespoir-Nakanishi Toshihiro => Download Link
  • [Hotaru No Hikari] Yokogao (Piano Version)
  • [Hotaru No Hikari]Distant Memory Of Summer
  • [Hotaru No Hikari]Hotaru No Hikari (Long version)
  • [Hotaru No Hikari]Little Firefly =>Download Link
  • [Itoshi Kimi E]Hill With Ocean View/ 海の見える丘にて_結夏 (Piano Ver)
  • [Itoshi Kimi E]Ikitoshi Ikeru Mono E (Piano Solo)
  • [Itoshi Kimi E]Itoshi Kimi E (Mellow Version)
  • [Itoshi Kimi E]Itoshi Kimi E (String Ensemble Version)
  • [Itoshi Kimi E]Sakura (Violin Solo) =>Download Link
  • [Kekkon Dekinai Otoko] Elgar – Pomp and Circumstance – March No. 1 (Unofficial Shinsuke’s favorite classical piece)
  • [Kekkon Dekinai Otoko]Kaiserwalzer (Emperor Waltz)-J. Strauss Jr.(Unofficial Shinsuke’s favorite classical piece) => Download Link
  • [Love Revolution]Prologue Piano-Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique 2nd Movement (Instrumental)
  • [Love Revolution]When Will I Hold You (Piano Version)
  • [Love Revolution]Way To Love (Piano Version) => Download Link
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