Anego (NTV 2005)

Title: アネゴ
Also known as:
Episodes: 10 + 1 Special
Casts :
Shinohara Ryoko as Noda Naoko
Tomosaka Rie as Sawaki Eriko
Akanishi Jin as Kurosawa Akihiko
Toda Naho as Kato Hiromi
Ichikawa Miwako as Hasegawa Manami
Kato Masaya as Sawaki Shoichi
The Synopsis:

Naoko Noda, who works in a trading company, is called “anego” by her younger co-workers. What is “anego”? It means “older sister,” but in this case it is given as a nickname to Naoko because she is like a big sister to her coworkers, who depend on her to give them advice about everything. This drama, depicts realistically how Naoko lives her everyday life, including her love life, the problems she faces, and her uneasiness about the future. –NTV

Credits: Dramawiki

My Comment :

I watch Anego because of Shinohara Ryoko.Before watching the whole drama, I really thought that Anego is a romantic comedy about an older woman with a younger guy but I was wrong. The theme of Anego is heavier than that and even though I don’t think it as  one of the best dramas  but I still find it enjoyable.

In addition of the synopsis above which I took from Dramawiki  I add more details about the story. This is simply my own interpretation of the drama so pardon me if I happen to make mistakes.

SPOILER ALERT! Please do not continue reading if you don’t like spoiler

Despite the fact that Naoko,  likes to give advice and help others , but in the story you will find that she also falls into making mistakes in her life and betray the people who care and love her.

Even though Naoko seems like a good advisor to her co-workers but her own love life is such a failure until one day it is not only one but two men comes into her life. However, they are not quite a perfect match to Naoko though. One of the men turns her life upside down while the other saves her from it.

The first one is Kurosawa Akihiko, a new staff in her office who falls in love with her. Despite he is 10 years younger from Naoko, Akihiko do not hesitate to express his feeling to Naoko. After being doubt for while due to the age gap, Naoko decides to date him.

However, it is also the age gap that brings problem to their relationship later. While at her age, Naoko’s objective for a relationship is marriage, Akihiko at just 22, still has no intention for a commitment soon. It is not that he refused to marry Naoko but he asks Naoko to give him 5 years time. Considering about her age, Naoko think that it is just impossible for her to be with Akihiko. Therefore Naoko later ends  their relationship.

The other man who comes to Ryoko’s life at almost the same time is Sawaki Shoichi. Naoko falls in love at first sight to Shoichi after he comes out like a knight in shining armour and saves Naoko from a drunk passenger on a train one day. Shoichi is supposed to be a more suitable candidate as a partner for Naoko but unfortunately, he is married. Coincidentally, his wife is Naoko’s ex-coleague, Eriko, whom suddenly appear in  Naoko’s life again.

From the outside, Eriko and her husband looks like a happy and perfect couple but the fact is their relationship is in trouble.

Eriko treats Naoko as her confidante just like what she used to do before. She believes and consults Naoko about her personal problems.

Being friends with Eriko also means Naoko occasionally meets Shoichi. Despite always warn herself of the fact that Shoichi is married, Naoko can’t help herself to secretly like him. Later, Eriko and Shoichi’s troubled relationship also getting worse. Eriko’s insecurity somehow always make her suspicious that her husband cheats on her. It even leads her to suffer from psychological problem and apparently cause her like to make up stories about her husband. At least, that’s the impression you will have on her at the beginning. The climax of her troubled relationship is that Eriko leaves Shoichi and go back to her parents’ house with their daughter.

Meanwhile, not long after  Naoko’s proposal to Akihiko which ended up with disappoinment, she meets Shoichi again. This time, because  of some circumstances, Naoko and Shoichi even meets more often without Eriko. She also happens to hear Shoichi’s version of the story about Eriko and him.

Too many coincidences happen between Naoko and Shoichi that makes Naoko comes to the conclusion that they are destined to be together. Because of the fear of  living  a lonely single life when she gets old , Naoko then decides to pursue her own happiness  even though that means unhappiness to others and she ends up having an affair with Shoichi.

Problem comes when Eriko starts to suspect there is something between Naoko and Shoichi. Although it is Eriko who leaves Shoichi first but she actually has no intention for divorce at all. When Eriko finds out that Naoko and Shoichi is indeed together, she fights back. She spread Naoko-Shoichi’s affair via the internet to Naoko’s office.

Later, Naoko also starts to waver about what does really happen between Eriko and Shoichi when she hears from Eriko about the woman Shoichi previously had affair with. Even though she is kind of doubt if Eriko also makes up the story this time but she still goes to see that woman to find the truth.

Somehow, Naoko’s decision to get involved with Shoichi hurts so many people around her. Her parents are devastated for what she did. She even almost lose her friend, Eriko. Meanwhile, Akihiko who still loves her even after their break up, decides to come to her rescue with his love.

Well, even though Akihiko is much younger than Naoko and they might face many challenges in their relationship, I would rather to see her end up with Akihiko than become a home wrecker. Despite the age gap, the chemistry between Akanishi Jin and Shinohara Ryoko is really  good. It’s obvious  that Akihiko looks like a younger brother to Naoko but there are also times when Naoko really feels  the happiness when being together with him.  Seeing  Akihiko try so hard to please Naoko will surely makes you smile.

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    1. i quite enjoyed this series as well 🙂
      very good synopsis =]

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