Hatsu Taiken (Fuji TV-2002)

Title: 初体験/Hatsu Taiken
Also known as: First Time / First Experience
Episodes: 11
Casts :
Mizuno Miki as Takashina Machi
Fujiki Naohito as Hirota Takumi
Shinohara Ryoko as Enomoto Yukari
Sakai Maki as Shiina Kotomi
Odagiri Joe as Koda Atsushi
Koizumi Kotaro as Takahina Ayumu
Hatano Hiroko as Aida Misa

The Synopsis:

Everyone has a story about their “first time.” Unless, of course, you’re 27-year-old virgin Takanashi Machi. It’s not that Machi isn’t attractive, or that she’s never had a boyfriend. Every opportunity she’s had to have her first experience, something always got in the way. She studied hard in college and achieved her dream of becoming a veterinarian. But before she knew it, she was 27 years old and still a virgin! Ashamed and convinced that she’s definitely abnormal, Machi resolves to lose her virginity by the time she turns 28. When she attends a class reunion with her two best friends, they reminisce about a student from their class, Takumi. He stood up for Machi one day when she was bullied by other boys, and since then she’s considered him the best guy she’s met so far in her life. “If it was Takumi, I could definitely see having my first time with him…” Machi fantasizes about meeting up with him again, but Takumi transferred from their school and no one has heard from him since. Walking down the street one day, Machi sees a seemingly stray cat and chases after it. However, its owner comes by and scoops it up, and when their eyes meet, Machi realizes this man just has to be Takumi-kun… Will he be Machi’s “first time,” or will she be a virgin forever? — synopsis by awrittensin

Credits: Dramawiki

My Comment :

I watch Hatsu Taiken because it has two of my favorite actors, Fujiki Naohito and Shinohara Ryoko. It is nice to see both of them played in together in one drama even though Ryoko did not play the female lead character. Apparently, this drama has never been English subbed, so I have to watch it without subtitle. As I do not understand Japanese at all, I can’t understand what they are saying and have to guess a lot in following the story. Overall, there is nothing special about Hatsu Taiken, but I can say it is an enjoyable drama.

Well, I try to add more details about this drama but because like I have said before that I watched the drama without subs and have to guess it most of the time, I might make mistakes in the additional story of this drama.

If you read the synopsis it might sounds a bit silly. The earlier episodes do telling the story about how desperate Machi in her attempts to have her first time with Takumi. However, the story develops to become more serious later as I find out it is not just about that first experience of Machi but also the love rivalry between best friends.

Machi, Yukari and Kotomi used to have crush on Takumi. When they bump into the grown up Takumi, it brings back the memory as well as the feeling, at least for Machi and Yukari. Although Kotomi now seems like already have boyfriend (Guessing from the episode that show her being pregnant), but I think there is something betweem her and Takumi in the past. There is a scene where Takumi see her in the hospital when she almost suffers from miscarriage and they have a talk. How I wish I could understand their conversation there. Without English sub, I can only watch the motion picture without understand what really happens between them.

After meeting Takumi, Machi and friends start to investigate where Takumi lives. When they find out his address, Machi makes a decision to move out from her grandma house and rent the apartment above Takumi’s. Unfortunately, Takumi is not the brave boy he used to be. Except that he still has that good looking but his personality has changed drastically. The grown up Takumi is just a good for nothing guy. He works as cleaner in a bowling club and is not ashamed to rely on woman in his life.

Somehow, Machi still likes Takumi but she also has her own stance though. When Takumi get sacked from his job and asking money from Machi, she refuses to give him.

It is really different with Yukari. Yukari is the most cheerful one between the best friends. Unlike Machi who have difficulties to express her feeling to Takumi, when Yukari finds out Takumi lives in the same building with Machi, she secretly comes to find Takumi in his apartment. Yukari throws herself to Takumi and succeed to date him. At the time Takumi cannot get money from Machi, he gets it from Yukari.

Takumi and Yukari’s relationship does not last long though. Yukari really loves Takumi but it seems like Takumi dates Yukari only because he wants to make use of her. They later break up.

Without having a job and unable to pay the rent, Takumi then moves out from his apartment. The night before he leaves, Machi finally able tell him about her feeling. Although Takumi does not return it, he gives Machi a photograph he took as a farewell present. It is a black and white photo of a girl holding a cat.

Takumi is actually a very talented photographer but he somehow does not have an opportunity to make a living from it. Not so long after Takumi left, a man who owns a photography studio comes to him. He wants to employ Takumi but only finds his empty apartment. At the same time, he bumps into Machi. After learning his purpose, Machi promise to find Takumi for him. However, it is not that easy for Machi who has lost contact with Takumi to find him back. As he has no money, Takumi just wanders around with her cat. With the help of Atsushi, Machi finally finds Takumi.

Takumi refuses Machi’s suggestion at first but he later changes his mind and goes to find the owner of the photo studio. Takumi is moved by Machi’s attempts to make him a better person and falls for her later. However, because of her best friends, Machi holds back her feeling. As Machi always loves Takumi, it is only a matter of time before she finally accepts Takumi and tell Yukari about it.Yukari, on the other hand, gives her blessing but unbeknownst to Machi she is heartbroken.

Takumi’s career as a photographer is advancing. He has an offer to go to Peru and Machi decides to go with him. Problem comes when Yukari is found nearly die by Machi because of what looks like a sleeping pill overdose. Machi is so sad when she learns about Yukari’s heartbreak because of Takumi. She later decides not to follow Takumi but will wait for him to come back to her.


3 responses to “Hatsu Taiken (Fuji TV-2002)

  1. Hihi!
    Can I ask where did u watch Hatsu Taiken? I can’t seem to find it anywhere! Did you buy the dvd? And if you did where from? Thank you so much!
    Natalie Sng

  2. I downloaded it via torrent but with no subtitle. If you like, you can go to http://www.d-addicts.com to find the torrent link.

  3. I wanna watch Naohito in this drama sooooo badly!!! I try dl it via that link, but this torrent r too cruel.. always stuck in the middle.. i’m lost!! do u have any link? thank u..

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