[MV] Hatsu Taiken-Comme Ca (Takumi Theme)

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Comme Ca (Vocal Version)-Nakanishi Toshihiro”
Clips : Machi’s scenes from J-Dorama “Hatsu Taiken” (Fuji TV-2002)

My Comment :
In this MV, I tried to capture scenes that shows how useless Takumi is..It’s funny though..especially at the scene where he has to eat cat food because he has no money and Michi refuses to lend it to him. Yukari then come to his rescue brings him a big crab and cooks for him.
I like this song as well!

  • Comme Ca (Vocal Version)-Nakanishi Toshihiro [D]
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    One response to “[MV] Hatsu Taiken-Comme Ca (Takumi Theme)

    1. oh no… All Naohito’s mv r not available anymore?? i guess i’m too late.. :((

      can u re-upload it again?? please….

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