It Started With A Kiss (CTV / GTV-2005)

Title: 惡作劇之吻 / 恶作剧之吻 / E Zuo Ju Zhi Wen
Also known as: It Started With A Kiss
Episodes: TV: 20, DVD: 30
Casts :
Ariel Lin as Yuan Xiang Qin
Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu
Jiro Wang as Jin Yuan Feng
Tiffany Xu as Pei Zi Yu
Cyndi Chaw as Ah Li’s wife / Jiang Zhao Zi
Zhang Yong Zheng as Jiang Ah Li
Tang Tsung Sheng as Yuan You Cai
Zhang Bo Han as Jiang Yu Shu
Candice Liu as Liu Ya Nong
Petty Yang as Lin Chun Mei
Jason as Wang Hao Qian

The Synopsis:

Yuan Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin) is a bumbling, naïve, but optimistic high school girl. Ever since she met Jiang Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng) at the freshman orientation, she’s been in love with the genius with an IQ of 200. After two years of having a crush on him, she finally musters the courage to confess her love to him at school with a love letter. Zhi Shu is not impressed, and Xiang Qin is left humiliated publicly in front of their entire school.

That afternoon, the new house she has just moved into with her father collapses in a minor earthquake. She and her father are instantly left homeless because they lacked the foresight to pay for earthquake insurance. Fortunately, her father’s old college friend extends a helping hand and invites both of them to live at his house. Little does Xiang Qin know that the kind Uncle Li is actually the father of Jiang Zhi Shu.

Because of this unexpected turn of events, Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin begin living their lives under the same roof. Zhi Shu’s mother aspires to bring them together, coaxing Zhi Shu into tutoring Xiang Qin and taking numerous pictures of the couple together. Zhi Shu remains cold towards Xiang Qin, however, thinking her to be one of the dumbest people he has ever met, and refuses to speak to her at school. Through the course of the series, Zhi Shu slowly warms up to Xiang Qin, who tries her hardest to do better in school for him, as they deal with romantic rivals, their futures, and their relationship.

Credits: Dramawiki & Wikipedia

My Comment :

Well, just as I love the Japanese version, Itazura Na Kiss, I love this one, too. Personally. Taiwanese dramas is not really my type of drama but I do have some that I like and one of them is It Started With A Kiss.

My love for its story may affect me to like this Taiwanese version but apart from that, the chemistry between Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng are really good. Even though the acting skill of some of the supporting actors may seem wooden (e.g : the actor who played as Xiang Qin’s dad) but overall it is still a nice drama.

Ariel Lin, in my opinion is a pretty good actress. Her portrayal of Xiang Qin may not as energetic as Sato Aiko’s Kotoko but she is effortlessly cute and I love them both.

Beside the cast, the good thing about this drama is that with 30 episodes, we can see more details of Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu’s love story comparing to the dorama version which has only 9 episodes.

So far, I have been watched the animated version as well and I think this Taiwanese version is more similar to the anime than the dorama. I don’t really like the wedding scene in this drama though. I know it is funny but I would rather to see the more decent wedding scene of Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu. The wedding scene in anime version is not that silly.

This drama also has great OST. That’s why I make the fanmade MVs. Due to the number of episodes thatthis drama has, making MV is not that easy. The scene selection is such a painstaking work but every time I listen to the OSTs on my mp3 player, I think of keep on working on it and I am glad that I finally make it.


One response to “It Started With A Kiss (CTV / GTV-2005)

  1. I love this drama. thank you for all the work in the mvs.. I just subscribed to your youtube account. The videos just made me smile.

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