Partner (KBS-2009)

Title: 파트너
Also known as: Partner
Episodes: 16
Casts :
Kim Hyun Joo as Kang Eun Ho
Lee Dong Wook as Lee Tae Jo
Choi Chul Ho as Lee Young Woo (Tae Jo’s older brother)
Lee Honey as Han Jung Won

Credits: Dramawiki

The Synopsis:

Kang Eun Ho is a widow with one son and a rookie lawyer from a small town. She leaves her hometown and heading to Seoul with her son when she gets a job offer from a law firm belongs to her adopted grandpa’s friend there .

Her new workplace is a small law firm which is actually in financial struggle. That is why , in contrast with her enthusiasm to work in this new place, she is not very welcomed by her new colleagues. They simply just do not understand why their boss, Kim Yong Soo , still hires Eun Ho in such situation. The boss later comes out with a solution to give Eun Ho a chance to proof her ability before she is officially hired and they start to throw their difficult cases to her.

Eun Ho’s first case is to defense a young man who is accused of killing his step sister. Even though all the evidences found during the investigation supports the accusation, the young man pleaded not guilty. He stands by his story that his sister is killed accidentally by the broken pieces of glass  that shattered on the crime site when a  glass was  thrown on the floor during a row between them.

The boss assigns Lee Tae Jo to assist Eun Ho in working on her cases. Lee Tae Jo is the youngest son of a wealthy lawyer. He works for Kim Yong Soo’s small law firm even though his dad owns a big law firm. He is handsome and a playboy who likes to have fun more than working seriously. But behind his immature look, Tae Jo is actually just a pathetic man who keeps on haunted by his dark past. He used to work for his father’s law firm but their greed cost him his best friend’s life. His relationship with his dad and older brother’s also turns bad since the suicide of his friend.

Because of his attitude, Tae Jo often clashes with hardworking Eun Ho. However, as they are working together through their cases, Eun Ho is slowly able to see Tae Jo’s good side. To their surprise, they are also a good partner and win most of their cases together.

For a long time, Tae Jo has been liking Han Jung Won, an old friend as well as a fellow lawyer of him. It hurts him when he finds out that she is having an affair with his older brother, Young Woo. Eun Ho’s existence helps Tae Jo to get over Jung Won, though. They slowly develops feeling towards  each other. However, problem comes when Tae Jo finds out that his dark past is somehow related to the death of Eun Ho’s late husband and the illness that her son currently suffer from.

My Comment :
I have been left behind with 2009 K-Dramas since I focus more in watching Japanese drama recently. But I am glad that I decided to watch PARTNER though.

PARTNER’s is a law drama. The storyline focuses more on how Eun Ho and Tae Jo win their cases rather than the romance between them. Although I think that Japanese dorama is normally better with this kind of genre but it is still nice to see K-Dramas with a not typical storyline like this. rama.

I admit that  I find some of Tae Jo’s behaviour inside the court in the earlier episodes is kind of  silly and the stories of his fellow lawyers are a bit boring but PARTNER is a good drama in overall with great OST. I even dare to say that it is one of my favorite 2009 K-Dramas. I love to follow Eun Ho and Tae Jo’s cases and the senior actors guest starred in each cases played their roles really well. My favorite Eun-Ho and Tae Jo’s case is the silent domestic violence case. It’s really a heartbreaking story.

Despite that there are so few lovey-dovey scenes of Eun Ho and Tae Jo but Kim Hyun Joo and Lee Dong Wook really show a very great chemistry. They really look so good together.

Beside the main couple, the chemistry between Lee Honey-Choi Chul Ho is also nice. I  think that Lee Honey is pretty good in act and Choi Chul Ho, who played as Lee Dong  Wook’s older brother catch my eyes. He’s good looking in his own way.

The  ending  is nice as well. I am okay with  the absence of  kissing scene for our main couple in this drama. You know Tae Joo-Eun Ho will end up together anyway at last. But after how their past related to each other in such a bad way, they will definitely need time to settle everything before welcoming their future together. In this kind of situation, a kissing scene at the end of the drama will make the ending looks haste for me.


3 responses to “Partner (KBS-2009)

  1. Lee dong wook KEREN abisss,, caur tapi stay cool!! Waaahhhh,,, love Him so much!


  3. Addink Zabidah

    may i know how to get this TV show?????

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