Boss (Fuji TV-2009)

Title: BOSS
Episodes: 11
Casts :
Amami Yuki as Osawa Eriko
Takenouchi Yutaka as Nodate Shinjiro
Tamayama Tetsuji as Katagiri Takuma
Toda Erika as Kimoto Mami
Mizobata Junpei as Hanagata Ippei
Kichise Michiko as Narahashi Reiko
Kendo Kobayashias Iwai Zenji
Nukumizu Youichi as Yamamura Keisuke
Credits: Dramawiki

The Synopsis:

Osawa Eriko (Amami Yuki) is asked by Nodate Shinjiro (Takeuchi Yutaka) to come back to Japan as a head of countermeasure unit. The current post that she’s holding now is as FBI agent in New York. At the age of 40 years old, she’s not married yet but she has a long time friend whose once she dated for 5 years.

To Eriko surprise, the team members from her newly set up unit are consisted of unwanted people from other departments.

They are Yamamura-a flower loving and forgetful old cop who often leaves his bag behind and followed by butterflies , Kimoto – the nerd girl who is good in voice and visual analyzing, Iwai – a gay cop, Hanagata-a cute cop and Katagiri who looks cool but somehow have the fear to use gun.

Despite all their antics, Eriko and her team members are slowly able to cooperate well and solving all the complicated criminal cases thrown to their unit.

Credits: with some edition by me

My Comment :

I watch this drama because of Amami Yuki, after I am so impressed with her in Around 40. As usual, she plays her character really well in this drama as a  brilliant and excellent woman detective, Osawa Eriko. Although not in romantic term, she has great chemistry with Takenouchi Yutaka, who played as Nodate Shinjiro, her partner in duty.

I nearly forgot about Toda Erika, who played as Kimoto here . No wonder that I thought she looked so familiar. I later figure out that she also took part in Hana Yori Dango Return , played as an annoying character, Nakashima Umi

The story of BOSS  is fast pace and sometimes funny. Every case that the Boss and her team handle is interesting. My favorite case I can say is their eighth case, which is a story about an abused child advocate who hides  his   mental problem younger brother’s crime from killing child abusers. The end of this case is quite surprising for me.

The ending of this drama is also great with a guest appearance from Takashi Sorimachi. It is nice to see him with Takenouchi Yutaka again after watching them in old J-dorama “The Beach Boys” long time ago. At first I was kind of afraid that the ending for Nodate-Eriko as partner in duty would be disappointed and sad. But it turned out to become a joke.

Overall, BOSS is a very interesting investigation drama, although some of the scenes seem  do not make sense for me

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