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MV Around 40 – The Measure Of Happiness

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Shiawase no Monosashi – Takeuchi Mariya”
Clips :Satoko and Okamura-san (Keitaro)’s scenes from J-Dorama “Around 40” (TBS-2008)

My Comment :

I make this MV because I love to see Satoko and Okamura-san together. Even though there are not much lovey dovey scenes between them but still you can see that they have such a strong chemistry.
This song is actually not a love song. The lyric is more about a self empowering theme. But because it’s the OST of this drama, I decide to use this song so that I can capture the real atmosphere of this drama.

  • Shiawase no Monosashi – Mariya Takeuchi [Buy Now] [DL]
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    Around 40 (TBS-2008)

    Title: アラウンド40
    Also known as: Around 40
    Tagline: 注文の多いオンナたち / Chumon no Oi Onna-tachi / Demanding Women
    Episodes: 11
    Casts :
    Amami Yuki as Ogata Satoko
    Fujiki Naohito as Okamura Keitaro
    Otsuka Nene as Morimura Nao
    Matsushita Yuki as Takeuchi Mizue
    Tsutsui Michitaka as Ohashi Sadao

    The Synopsis:

    39-year-old Ogata Satoko is a highly capable psychiatrist who is single. She’s forthright, a caring older sister and reliable in her job and in private. Her interests are staying in luxurious Japanese inns and watching stand-up comedy videos.

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