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MV The Beanchaff Of My Life-The Musical Section

Song : The OST “Geu Namja Geu Yuhja” By So Yu Jin, Park Kwang Hyun, Kang Rae Won, Ji Sang Ryul
Clips : Taken from the the musical section of Episode 9 from the K-Drama “The Beanchaff Of My Life” (MBC-2003)
Casts : Park Kwang Hyun, So Yu Jin,Ji Sang Ryul, Kang Rae Won

My Comment :
Since this is a musical drama, the characters also sing many songs in between the storyline.This is one of them. This drama remind me of Indian/Bollywood movies..:D


MV The Beanchaff Of My Life-Eun Young And Kyung Soo Theme

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Mo Reu Get Suh Yo” By Lee Jin Kyung
Clips : Eun Young and Kyung Soo’s Scenes from K-Drama “The Beanchaff Of My Life” (MBC-2003)
Casts : Park Kwang Hyun, So Yu Jin

My Comment :
I like this song very much although dunno what it talks about..
I took the scenes mostly from the final episode where Kyung Soo tried to win back Eun Young’s heart. Eun Young was so ashamed as she had once become so materialistic and chose to marry a wealthy guy that later turned out to be a con man, than to accept Kyung Soo. However, it is Kyung Soo’s true love that finally melt her heart.

PS: If you like this song, let me know. I have it in wma format and will upload it upon request

MV The Beanchaff Of My Life – The Wedding

Song : The OST “The Beanchaff Of My Life” By All Casts
Clips : Taken from the final part of Episode 16 (End)from the K-Drama “The Beanchaff Of My Life” (MBC-2003)
Casts : Park Kwang Hyun, So Yu Jin,Ji Sang Ryul, Kang Rae Won

My Comment :
Han Ji Hye and Jeon Hye Bin (a.k.a BIN) who also played a small role in this drama can be seen in this MV.

The Beanchaff Of My Life (MBC-2003)

Title: 내 인생의 콩깍지 / Nae Insaengui Kongkkakji
Also known as: My Better Half
Episodes: 16

Casts :
Park Kwang Hyun as Suh Kyung-soo (22-33)
Soh Yoo Jin as Choi Eun-young (21-32)
Kim Ji Woo as Park Jung-mi (20)
Jung Min as Jung Sung-min (Eun-young’s first love, 23-30)
Kim In Kwon as Jang Sang-doo (29-33)
Kang Rae Won as Oh In-kyung (20-32)
Huh Jung Min as Choi Eun-ho

The Synopsis :

Are you interested in both dramas and musicals? Here is the very first 2-in-1 surprise from Korea tailor-made for you! Starring So Yoo-jin (Fox and Cotton Candy, Delicious Proposal) and Park Kwang-hyun (Sunshine, Tender Hearts), The Bean Chaff Of My Life invites you to walk along with two young people on the path leading to their maturity.
When Eun-young (Soh Yoo Jin) and Kyung-soo (Park Kwang-hyun) meet each other in their early 20’s, no one can picture these two, who share no common goals but high expectations towards their potential mate, falling for each other. As a decade goes by, nevertheless, what grows along with their age is their bittersweet growing experience enriched with ups and downs. The stories of Eun-young and Kyung-soo interweave and finally come together in a surprising moment of shared recognition.

Credits: Dramawiki

My Comment :

Although this drama is already quite old but I just watched it last year. Despite the not-very-good review, I still like it anyway. It is the only musical K-Drama I have ever watched. I like the chemistry between Park Kwang Hyun and So Yu Jin here.
Eun Young (SYJ) and Kyung Soo (PKH)’s love story span for about ten years before they finally find out that they are actually each other’s better half. I like the OSTs as well that is why I made the MVs.
Han Ji Hye and Bin also played small roles in this drama.

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