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Alone In Love (SBS – 2006)

Title: 연애시대 / Yeon-ae-si-dae
Also known as: Alone In Love
Episodes: 16
Casts :
Gam Woo Sung as Lee Dong Jin
Son Ye Jin as Yoo Eun Ho
Gong Hyeong Jin as Gong Joon Pyo (Dong Jin’s friend)
Lee Ha Na as Yoo Ji Ho (Eun Ho’s sister)
Lee Jin Wook as Min Hyun Joong
Oh Yoon Ah as Kim Mi Yeon (Eun Ho’s friend)

The Synopsis:

Eun Ho (Son Ye Jin) and Dong Jin (Gam Woo Sung) meet one day at the bookstore where he works and they are immediately drawn to each other. They fall in love after subsequent meetings, and are eventually married.

Two years later they are divorced. Dong Jin still works at the bookstore, while Eun Ho works at a fitness club. The pair continue to meet and figure in each other’s lives. The narrative is punctuated by either character’s internal monologue on their past, their current relationship, and how things are to move on. As complications, new love interests have entered their lives: Mi-Yeon (Oh Yoon Ah) and Hyeon Joong (Lee Jin-Wook). Even so, a year and a half after their divorce, the two still meet in their favorite bakery for breakfasts, quarrel over trivial things like a married couple, and eat dinner on their wedding anniversary with a free meal coupon provided by the hotel where they got married.

All of this makes them wonder whether these lingering feelings are love, although both are too afraid to start over, and even more afraid to end the relationship completely. With neither brave enough to confront each other about the misunderstanding on the day Eun Ho had a stillborn baby, they are unable to move on.

Credits: Dramawiki, Wikipedia

My Comment :

This is also another drama that I forgot to put in when I first set up this blog. I watched this drama last year after reading a good review about it on Soompi Forum. However, I was not that keen on the storyline.

Since Gam Wu Seung and Son Ye Jin are acclaimed actors, their performance and chemistry were also undoubtedly good.

The only thing that I remembered I didn’t like in the storyline was there was one woman appeared at nearly the end of the episodes whom Dong Jin married for just a very very short time. I forgot the name of the character but she was such a nice woman who later left Dong Jin after married him because she found out Dong Jin still love his ex wife.

Although she was just a supporting character but I did not agree to have her sacrifice in the sake to make the main couple back together again. Even though she was just a small role in the whole drama. I mean, I would prefer if the scriptwriter did not make Dong Jin marry her, no wedding! I would rather to have it just like typical K-Dramas, when the lead characters realized their love to each other, then they will cancel the wedding to other characters.In the end, it was not Dong Jin who divorced this woman but she willingly left to let Dong Jin find his happiness back to his ex wife, Eun Ho.

The OST: [L/D][eSnips/Megaupload][Buy Now]

  • Ah Moo Ri Saeng Gak Hae Do Nan Nuh Reul – Sweet Sorrow
  • Man Yak Eh Woo Ri (Samba Ver.) – Jin Ho.wma
  • Man Yak Eh Woo Ri (Original Bossanova Ver.) – Jin Ho
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