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Instrumental Tracks From Dr Ggang


  • Good Bye (Piano Version)
  • Good Bye (Scat Version)
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    Dr Ggang (MBC – 2006)

    Title: Title: 닥터 깽 / Dr. Gang
    Also known as: Dr. Kkang, Kkaeng, Kaeng, Kang
    Episodes: 16

    Casts :
    Yang Dong Geun as Kang Dal-Go
    Han Ga In as Kim Yoo-Na
    Kim Jong Hyuk as Suk Hee-Jung
    Park Shi Eun as Lee Hye-Young

    The Synopsis:

    Dr. Kkang is about a lazy bum who disguises himself as a doctor to get a job, and while under disguise falls in love with a female doctor. Han Ga In plays the role of ‘Kim Yoo-Na’ who is a sassy girl and a doctor. Yang Dong Geun plays the role of the lazy bum ‘Kang Dal-Go.

    Kang Dal-Go is a middle leader of a gang who gets investigated by the police for some incident and gets kicked out of the gang. So he moves to Seoul from Busan and disguises himself as a fake doctor. While acting as a fake doctor he meets Kim Yoo-Na, a real doctor. Suk Hee-Jung (Kim Jong Hyuk) grew up as an illegitimate child but he studies and works very hard to become a successful prosecutor. Lee Hye-Young (Park Shi Eun), whose husband was killed by gangsters, is Yoo-Na’s classmate and sister-in-law, and is raising her son alone. The drama shows the story of Dal-Go and Yoo-Na’s unbalanced love, with Hee-Jung forming the third party in their love triangle.


    My Comment :

    This drama was so underrated, even the thread at Soompi was so quiet. Most of the people I talked to about this drama, were not interested to watch it. It was simply because Yang Dong Gun was considered not good looking enough.

    Anyway, as I might also like the average-look actors as long as they good in act, I think Yang Dong Gun is OK. His chemistry with Han Ga In is even better than Han Ga In with Eric in Super Rookie. Love the OSTs, too

    The character of Kang Dal Go was so cute. He was like a guardian angel to Yoo Na. He would be wherever Yoo Na were, without Yoo Na aware that there were actually a person who always by her side and took care of her.

    Good Luck To You – Taein.wma 1.9MB [Listen/Download][eSnips]