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Instrumental Tracks From The Vineyard Man


  • Ee Je Al Gut Do Gat Ah
    1. *PS : Love this one..I love the sound of the piano on the refrain part..
  • Close To You
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    Other Nice Tracks From The Vineyard Man

    Bob Marley

    No Woman No Cry is originally sung by the Reggae Legend, Bob Marley and has been covered by many musician ever since. I found the Korean version of this song when watching K-Drama, The Vineyard Man. This Korean version itself was actually a cover from The Fugees version of this song

    Here both of them :
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  • No Woman No Cry-Stony Skunk [L/D]
  • No Woman No Cry-Fugees [D]
  • It sounds similar, isn’t it?

    The Vineyard Man (KBS-2006) – Screen Caps Part 8

    Taek Gi’s Room : Before and After Married



    Tae Gi’s room has been artistically designed in this drama that you can see the different..

  • Set A Drift On Memory Bliss – PM Dawn [D]
  • Note : This song is played in the cafe (if I’m not mistaken) where Ji Hyun met Kyung Min.

    The Vineyard Man (KBS-2006) – Screen Caps Part 7

    One of The Best Ending in K-Drama Ever!!!

    Ten Years After

    The Kids

    The Vineyard Man (KBS-2006) – Screen Caps Part 6

    City Girl vs Country Guy

    Fall Asleep in The Vineyard

    Taek Gi care about Ji Hyun very much..


    This is the scene when Ji Hyun and Taek Gi are heavily drunk and end up slept overnight in the same bed in Taek Gi’s room

    Alas..Grandpa comes knocking at Taek Gi’s door as he get up late and Ji Hyun is nowhere to be seen..They both have to act to cover up what has happened

    No Woman No Cry – Stony Skunk.wma 1.8MB [Listen/Download][eSnips]
    Note : This is an additional OST of The Vineyard Man, it is actually played on the scene where Taek Gi look after his ex, Soo Jin who is fall sick whereas Ji Hyun wait for him in the vineyard..

    The Vineyard Man (KBS-2006) – Screen Caps Part 5

    When Taek Gi Sick…

    When Ji Hyun’s Sick..

    The Vineyard Man (KBS-2006) – Screen Caps Part 4

    Taek Gi and Ji Hyun In Grape Festival

    Jengish Khan

    Jengish Khan is the song Taek Gi and Ji Hyun sing in the singing competition

    Taek Gi “The Clothes Line Thief”

    Taek Gi wants to take back the dress he actually bought for Ji Hyun. He actually bought the dress for Ji Hyun from the prize they got after winning the singing competition in the Grape Festival, but was too shy to give it to her. Meanwhile, Hong Yi found the dress and thought it was bought for her. She wears the dress and show it up for the entire village that it is from Taek Gi.</p.

    Taek Gi later had to “steal” the dress form Hong Yi’s clothesline but mistakenly took along Hong Yi’s mother undies.

    Village people thought there is a undies stealer pervert in the village. Afraid of being caught, Taek Gi has to secretly burned the undies and the dress.

  • Stay – Dreamhouse [L/D]
  • Note : This is the song played in the scenes where Taek, Ji Hyun, Grandpa and all the village people step on the vine in the drum and dancing together at Grape Festival..