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Bad Couple VS Perfect Match

Perfect Match

Bad Couple

Bad Couple reminds me of one of my most favorite K-movies titled Perfect Match which played by Shin Eun Kyung.

Aren’t the poster look similar?

But the story is of course different ..

Perfect Match is a movie released in 2001. It is about a couple manager or a matchmaker played by Shin Eun Kyung, who are very successful in matchmaking her clients. She lied to her friends that she were still with her boyfriend although the fact was that she was dumped.

One day she took over a troubled client from her colleague. She could not understand why an A+ grade client always failed in the dating process they arranged for him and could not find his match until she knew him closer. While trying to find a perfect match to this client, she also fell in love with him.

One of the scene in Bad Couple when Dang Ja fell into the sauce drum also remind me of the scene in Perfect Match..the different is in Perfect Match, the character played by Shin Eun Kyung fell into the hole on the roadwork site.


MV Bad Couple – Dang Ja Said

This is a fanmade MV
Song : Sarang Han Dan Mal Ee Ya By Kan Mi Yun
Clips : Dang Ja and Gi Chan’s Scenes from K-Drama “Bad Couple”(SBS-2007)


The Lyrics (Translation Version):

Don’t turn to look at me, don’t love me
I truly did you wrong
Without knowing, without my heart knowing,
I fell for you
I have so little to give you
and to you who gives everything
I give you sadness

Of my own will, I’ve stopped looking at you
Your feelings and my love,
I’ve just left them here
Now I have to act like I don’t feel it
Can I send you away with a cold smile? Continue reading

MV Bad Couple – Gi Chan Said

This is a fanmade MV
Song : Sarang Han Dan Mal Ee Ya By Sweet Sorrow
Clips : Dang Ja and Gi Chan’s Scenes from K-Drama “Bad Couple”(SBS-2007)

The Lyrics (Translation Version):

Even so I’m saying I love you,
even so I’m saying I can’t forget you
The more I think about it,
you’ve caused my heart to bloom like my flowerpot, always drawing in breaths

Even though you go, I’m saying I’ll love you
Even though we separate, I’m saying I can’t forget you
The farther you go away,
seeing myself swept up in longing,
I must… really love you Continue reading

MV Bad Couple – Sweet You

This is a fanmade MV
Song : Dal Kom Han Dang Shin By Song Hee Ran
Clips : Dang Ja and Gi Chan’s Scenes from K-Drama “Bad Couple”(SBS-2007)

My Comment :
I like this song very much..

  • Dal Kom Han Dang Shin – Song Hee Ran [D] [Buy Now]
  • Bad Couple (SBS-2007)

    Title: 불량커플 / Bad Couple
    Also known as: Defective Couple
    Episodes: 16

    Casts :
    Ryu Soo Young as Choi Gi Chan
    Shin Eun Gyung as Kim Dang Ja
    Ji Sung Won as Ahn Jung Sook
    Byun Jung Soo as Na Dol Soon
    Kim Ha Kyoon as Jo Yong Goo
    Yoo Gun as Seo Jung Soo
    Choi Jung Yoon as Han Young
    Park Sang Min as Kim Yoon Seok

    Credits : Dramawiki

    Synopsis :
    It is a story about a successful fashion editor who afraid of commitment because of the trauma she got during her childhood in which his dad left her and her mum for the other woman. Seeing her best friend’s cute daughter made her think of having her own as well but without having to get married.

    As she can’t have artificial insemination because of her single status, it emerges an idea for her to search for sperm donor with the perfect genes (good look, brain, character and manner). So,the quest for “the best sperm donor with perfect genes” begins :D..

    Her quest lead her to Gi Chan, a botany professor, who owns all the features she wants.However, Gi Chan is a traditional-type man. Despite her plan to just have a baby from Gi Chan and cut off any relationship after that, Gi Chan’s love and sincerity slowly change her point of view about love and marriage…

    Beside Dang Ja and Gi Chan’s story, there is also the story of one of Dang Ja’s best friend, Han Young, who after years of devotion to her husband, Yoon Seok, only to find that he is having affair with his colleague and wants to divorce her.

    With the help of her friends, Han Young find a fake boy friend, Jung Soo, a rich and handsome model who is willing to help her take revenge to Yoon Seok after seeing how Yoon Seok treats her. Jung Soo later fall in love to Han Young.

    My Comments :

    This is definitely one of the best 2007 K-Dramas. I love the chemistry between Ryu Soo Young and Shim Eun Kyung..Love the friendship between Dang Ja and her best friends and love the OSTs, too..

    watch this drama because of Shin Eun Kyung..Shin Eun Kyung is one of my favorite K-Actress…Although she is not as pretty as other K-Actresses but for me she is such a charismatic and character actress..
    I love her since her romantic comedy movie, PERFECT MATCH with Jung Jun Ho…I dunno how many times that I watched this movie..Also watch her in My Wife Is A Gangster and she is just cool in Diary Of June..

    The poster of Bad Couple where she pose as a Cupid reminds me of the poster of PERFECT MATCH where she also posed the same .About Ryu Soo Young, I just knew he was the one who play bad guy in Successful Story Of A Bright Girl (played by Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk)..Although he has a good look but his character there was such hateable so I never really like him.Then, I watched him in 18 VS 29..Although this drama was popular back then but it didn’t impress me that much.

    Although I read that Ryu Soo Young got the role after Lee Dong Wook pulled out from this drama but Gi Chan’s role is just perfect only for Ryu Soo Young.

    Uh Dduh Ge Woo Ri Ga-TwoSome (Young and Jung Soo Theme)[D][Megaupload][Buy Now]