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MV Dal Ja’s Spring – To You Of Mine

This is a fanmade MV
Song :To You Of Mine- Pearl’s Day
Clips: Dal Ja and Tae Bong’s Happy Moments From K-Drama “Dal Ja’s Spring”(KBS-2007)

My Comment :
The song I used for the MV is my favorite song from the OST collection of this drama although I have no idea what it is about..

To You Of Mine – Pearl’s Day 3.1 MB [eSnips][Listen/Download]
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Dal Ja’s Spring (KBS 2007)

Title : 달자의 봄 / Dal Ja’s Spring
Also known as: The Spring of Oh Dal Ja
Episodes: 22
Casts :
Chae Rim as Oh Dal-ja (33)
Lee Min Ki as Kang Tae-bong (27)
Lee Hyeon Woo as Eom Ki-joong (36)
Lee Hye Young as Wee Seon-joo (33)
Gong Hyeong Jin as Shin Se-do (33)

Synopsis :

Oh Dal Ja is a manager at a home shopping center. She is already 33 years old and is still single. And still waiting for her ‘prince’ to come. She has everything… money, power and success. The only thing she dreams about is marriage. Then she meets flirty guy, Shin Se Do, who seemed very nice to her. After seeing how he flirts with Wee Seon Joo , the beautiful host of the home shopping tv show, she seeks revenge. Kang Tae Bong, a guy 6 years younger than her and has a mysterious past, pretends to be her boyfiend and signs a dating contract with her. But then again, who is this Eom Ki Jeong that seemed to be the perfect gentleman? He’s an enterprise representative who’s just so perfect.. rich, good-looking, intelligent and courteous but recently separated from his wife. Three men, one woman.. who will win Oh Dal Ja’s charm? Who will end up as her ‘knight in shining armor?’

Credits : Wikipedia, DramaWiki

My Comments :
This is one of my favorite K-Drama.
It is nice to see Chae Rim in K-Drama again. I love Dal Ja and Tae Bong..and also the story of Dal Ja’s friends.
The Chemistry between Chae Rim and Lee Min Ki is great..

Nae Son Eul Jab Ah Jwuh – K-Jun.wma 3.5MB [Listen/Download][eSnips]
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