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Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (SBS-2007)

Title: 칼잡이 오수정 / Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung
Also known as: Butcher Oh Soo Jung
Episodes: 16
Casts :
Oh Ji Ho as Go Man Soo / Karl
Uhm Jung Hwa as Oh Soo Jung
Kang Sung Jin as Jung Woo Tak
Park Da An as Yook Dae Soon

The Synopsis:

Year 1999, Oh Soo Jung (Uhm Jung Hwa), a former beauty queen who has a lot of suitors, and Go Man Soo(Oh Ji Ho), an obese, were supposed to get married. However Soo Jung, dismayed that Man Soo failed the bar exam because of a very simple question, ran away from their wedding. Eight years later, Oh Soo Jung is now a manager of a jewelry shop. However she has become an old maid desperate to get married. Man Soo becomes Karl Go, a famous golf player, a bachelor who’s got looks and riches. Now that he wants to get revenge for what Soo Jung’s done to him eight years ago, he hires Jung Woo Tak (Kang Sung Jin) to play rich and to make Soo Jung fall in love with him. Once they’ll be in front of the altar, Woo Tak will leave Soo Jung, just as what she did to Man Soo. Karl, who pretends to be deep in debt, also acts as if he is interested in one of Soo Jung’s staff, Yook Dae Soon (Park Da An) just to make Soo Jung jealous and it works. Soo Jung is now in dilemma. Her head tells her to marry Woo Tak whom she think is a rich man but she cannot deny her heart that her true love is Man Soo.

When Soo Jung and Woo Tak are supposed to be married, she runs away from her marriage once again and chose to be with Karl. Bitter that Karl chooses to be with Su Jung the girdle-toting old maid, Dae Soon reveals to Soo Jung that Karl was making a fool out of her all this time so that she won’t accept Karl’s proposal. Later, Soo Jung defeats Dae Soon, who steals her creative ideas for jewelry design, and proposes to Karl. In the end, Soo Jung marries Karl and this time she is not a runaway bride anymore

Credits: Dramawiki, Wikipedia

My Comment :

Recently I start to dig out some of my K-Drama collection from previous years which I have not watched. Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung is one of them. Although for me this drama is not the best but it is definitely the good one. At first, I really felt annoyed with the way Soo Jung treated Man Soo until I understood the reason that made Soo Jung became a material girl. I also like to watch the friendship between Soo Jung and two of her best friends.

I like the supporting characters, except Dae Soon and Soo Jung’s best friend’s lawyer husband. The chemistry between Oh Ji Ho and Uhm Jung Hwa is good as well. I like Oh Ji Ho’s character in this drama more than  in Couple of Fantasy.

The OST:[L/D][4Shared][Buy Now]

  • Sarang Eun Chang Bakk Eh Bit Mool Gat Ah Yo – Kim Yoo Kyung
  • Come With Me – MC Jinri & Storm
  • Marry Me – Kan Mi Yun
  • Sarang Han Da Myun – Tree Bicycle
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