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H.I.T/Homicide Investigation Team (MBC-2007)-Gallery

Soo Gyung in Uniform

Jae Yoon in Casual Wardrobes

Credits:Saturn@Soompi Forum

Geu Saram-JM 2MB[D] [eSnips]


MV H.I.T-Success

This is a fanmade MV
Song :Success – Super Junior
Clips:Soo Kyung and Jae Yoon’s Scenes from K-Drama “H.I.T”(MBC-2007)
My Comment:
This is the first MV of mine that I made with a combination of Windows Movie Maker and Flash MX. Although it is only the first 8 minutes of the clips but it really took great effort for me to do it since I was just a beginner in using Flash MX. I wish I can learn more about Flash MX and make better clips in the future..

I love this song very much..At first,I thought the lyrics might be something about achieving success but later I found out that it is actually a love song.

  • Success – Super Junior [D]
  • H.I.T/Homicide Investigation Team (MBC-2007)-Extended Characters

    Members of Soo Gyung’s H.I.T Team

    Officer Kang Ol Ha (Played by Choi Il Hwa)

    Officer Kim Il Joo (Played by Jung Dong Jin)

    Officer Shim Jong Geum (Played by Kim Jung Tae)

    Officer Nam Sung Sik (Played By Dong Suk)

    Soo Gyung’s Boss:

    Jo Gyu Won (Played By Son Hyun Joo)

    Pictures Credits To : Soompi Forum

    Ma Ji Mak Sarang-Kim Jung Min[D] [Megaupload]

    Factoid :
    The singer of this song, Kim Jung Min, is also the actor who played as Kim Young Doo in this drama. Yup, he is actually a singer cum actor

    H.I.T/Homicide Investigation Team (MBC-2007) – The Characters

    Cha Soo-gyung (Played by Go Hyun-jung)
    Single. Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Investigation Team 1, Lieutenant
    The first female chief of homicide
    A shoeholic and gun addict

    Too busy to go home, she spends five days a week at the women’s dorm in the Police Agency. Her hair is always messy and she walks around the office in sweats that has “Seoul Police Agency” written on it in huge print. Due to her athlete’s foot, she wears toe socks that even the guys refuse to be seen in. Her only hobby is playing ball with her team. She has become tougher than anybody else since she has worked and lived among rugged detectives and criminals, but no one has been to her home. D.A. Kim Jae-yoon is the first one to set foot into her house. The place is simple and neat, and surprisingly, there is a teddy bear on her bed. She did indeed have a feminine side. But the biggest surprise comes from her shoe closet. It is filled with an incredible number of high heels.
    She leads a life that confuses even herself on whether she’s a man or a woman, but her shoes satisfy her feminine desire. Jae-yoon insists that her shoeholic tendency represents her yearning of her lost femininity and the reality that blocks her from exposing her feminine side. “Dump the toe socks and be a woman,” he pleads but she casually blows it off. She shuts him up by solving a case with her expansive knowledge of shoes. She has the ability to recreate a crime scene with the shoe prints at the scene and predicts the criminal’s occupation or traits by analyzing the shape and texture of the shoe.
    She’s a great shooter and is greatly attached to her guns. She has never had to shoot anyone yet but she’s always ready for the inevitable circumstance.
    She believes that the gun puts her on an equal stand with men. She thinks that a woman with a gun versus a man with a gun is more equal than a woman versus a man.
    That’s why she prefers a 38mm revolver to a 22mm.

    Her beliefs: “A cop without a sense of justice is nothing but a gangster.”
    “Victims are not tools of investigation, they are the purpose.”
    “Dream teams don’t exist. They are created.”
    “Justice must take place when it can or it may never will.”
    “Han Sang-min is the only man in my life.
    The rest fall into three categories; colleagues, criminals or victims.”

    Kim Jae-yoon (Played by Ha Jung-woo)
    Single. Prosecutors’ Office, Rooky DA
    A clever individualist.
    His M.O: Life is about having fun

    The youngest son from a wealthy family. He is so smart that he has never failed a single test in his life. Overly optimistic to the point of being immature, he loves women, gambling, and traveling around the world.
    He has an extensive knowledge in music and art and whatever else he’s interested in. Because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, there is nothing that he wants or expects in life. Continue reading

    H.I.T/Homicide Investigation Team (MBC-2007)

    Title : H.I.T(Homicide Investigation Team)/ 히트
    Episodes : 20
    Casts :
    Goh Hyun Jung as Cha Soo-gyung
    Hah Jung Woo as Kim Jae-yoon
    Kim Jung Min as Kim Young-Doo
    Yoon Ji Min as Jung In-hee


    A Love Story
    A story of men and women who have different values in their profession, who each go through their personal conflicts and doubts, but in the end, come to understand each other. Continue reading