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MV Kid Gang – Kal Nal And Do Hee Theme

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “Sok Ma Eum By Kim Bo Ah”
Clips : Kal Nal and Do Hee Scenes from K-Drama “Kid Gang” (OCN-2007)

My Comment :
Finally completed this MV after so many delays as I prioritized making MVs from other dramas. As Lee Ki Woo is the only reason why I watched Kid Gang so this MV is also only focus on his scenes..Enjoy!

Sok Ma Eum – Kim Bo Ah.mp3 4.67MB [Download][Mediafire]


Kid Gang (OCN-2007)

Title: 키드갱 / Kid Gang
Episodes: 16
Casts :
Son Chang Min as Ku Bong
Lee Ki Woo as Kal Nal
Lee Jong Soo as Hong Ku
Synopsis :

Adapted from the Manhwa of the same name, “Kid Gang” is about the once most powerful crime organization in Korea. ‘Tuesday Gang’ who received an assignment to take care of a baby just before their court sentence ends in six months. Son Chang Min plays their leader, Ku Bong, while Lee Jong Soo and Lee Ki Woo portray the gang members, Hong Ku and Kal Nal. The drama will be focusing on the trials faced by the gang members who have never taken care of babies before.

Credits : Dramawiki

My Comment :

This is the first drama that is not from the major Korean TV stations (i.e. : MBC,SBS,KBS) that I watch. A just so-so drama with some pretty explicit scenes. I watch this drama simply because Lee Ki Woo took part in it. He looks gorgeous as usual. Kal Nal, the character played by Lee Ki Woo, is the smartest, tallest and most handsome member of Tuesday Gang

Some interesting things about Tuesday Gang are that although they dare to hurt and kill people but they have a strong principle to not hurt women and children. They are even willing to “sell their bodies” in order to fund the operation to save the baby they take care of. 😀
Also, Kal Nal and Hong Ku are very loyal and devoted to their leader, Jong Soo.

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