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[MV] Fight – My Life

This is a fanmade MV
Song : The OST “My Life-Kim Tae Hoon”
Clips : Kang Gun’s scenes from K-Drama “Fight” (TVN-2008)

My Comment :

Although Fight is not my favorite drama but I still make the MV because I kind of like this song… Enjoy!

  • My Life-Kim Tae Hoon  [D]
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    Fight (TVN-2008)

    Title: 맞짱 / Mazzang
    Also known as: Fight
    Episodes: 8
    Casts :
    Yoo Gun as Kang Gun
    Lee Young Jin as So Hee
    Lee Jong Soo as Kang Jin
    Baek Do Bin as Choi Dae Ri
    Kang Sung Jin as Oh Dal Sik
    Uhm Tae Woong as Kang Gun’s father

    The Synopsis:

    After the death of his boxer father during a fight, Kang Gun was raised by his brother, Kang Jin. Kang Jin chooses the same path with their late father as a boxer while Kang Gun is just an ordinary office worker. Comparing to Kang Jin, Kang Gun is a bit weaker. Without any self defense skill, he often cannot defense himself when bullied.

    A series of incidents lead Gun to involve with a street fight club which he encountered accidentally. The members of this club are people from various background who meet regularly at night and fight each other. It surprises Gun to find out his colleague, Choi Dae Ri, is one of the best fighters there. It is because in his office, Choi Dae Ri is a person who often bullied and harrassed by the boss but yet he never try to fight back. Gun later befriend with Choi Dae Ri and follow the fight club as a viewer.

    One day when he followed his boss to a room salon, Gun meets So Hee, a girl whom he had a crush on during his colleague days. However, So Hee has changed from a girl with a smiling face to become a hostess in that room salon. Ever since that day, Gun often comes to find So Hee even though she tries to avoid him.

    After being humiliated by So Hee’s nasty client when he tried to protect her from being harassed, Gun decides to live as a stronger person. With the help of Choi Dae Ri, he becomes a fighter at the fight club.

    At first, Gun is often beaten severely by his fight matches. However, with the training from  Choi Dae Ri, he becomes a very good fighter.  As the fight spread through  internet, Gun starts to gain popularity even though people do not know who he really is. He starts to get many challenges to fight.

    Please do not continue reading if you don’t like spoiler!

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    [MV] General Hospital 2 – Dream (Love Theme)

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “Dream – Song Hee Ran”
    Clips : All cast’s love theme scenes from K-Drama “General Hospital 2” (MBC-2008)

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    My Comment :

    I love to see Ha Yoon and Hyun Woo…

    Dream – Song Hee Ran [L/DL] [Buy Now]

    [MV] General Hospital 2 – Greeting (All Cast Theme)

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “Greeting – And”
    Clips : All casts’ scenes from K-Drama “General Hospital 2” (MBC-2008)

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    My Comment :

    On this MV, I tried to capture the ups and downs that the characters in this drama went through in the attempts to treat and save their patients, especially the emotional parts with this beautiful song as a background.

    Greeting – And [L/DL] [Buy Now]

    [MV] General Hospital 2 – Ha Yoon Theme

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “A City Called Seoul – Hey”
    Clips : Geum Soon and Jae Hee’s scenes from K-Drama “General Hospital 2” (MBC-2008)

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    My Comment :

    I love this song although I don’t understand!

    A City Called Seoul – Hey [L/DL] [Buy Now]

    General Hospital 2 (MBC – 2008)

    Title: 종합병원 2 / Jonghap Byeongwon 2
    Also known as: General Hospital 2
    Episodes: 16
    Casts :
    Lee Jae Ryong as Kim Do Hoon
    Cha Tae Hyun as Choi Jin Sang
    Kim Jung Eun as Jung Ha Yoon
    Ryu Jin as Baek Hyun Woo
    Ryu Seung Soo as Jo Yong Han
    Do Ji Won as Song Hye Soo
    Lee Jong Won as Han Ki Tae
    Go Joon Hee as Kang Eun Ji

    The Synopsis:

    Jung Ha Yoon is a graduate student who successfully passed the bar exam. However, she is not finished as she wants to be a medical malpractice litigation specialist. She works at a hospital to look to gain experience and there she meets other doctors who work there.

    Credits: Dramawiki

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    I Love You – Instrumental Tracks

  • My Destiny (Instrumental) [L/DL]
  • My Destiny (Piano Solo) [L/DL]