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I Love You – Instrumental Tracks

  • My Destiny (Instrumental) [L/DL]
  • My Destiny (Piano Solo) [L/DL]
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    MV I Love You – My Destiny

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “My Destiny – Bada (With Cho Kyu Chan)”
    Clips : All Lead Casts ’s scenes from K-Drama “I Love You” (SBS-2008)

    My Comment :

    I looove this song very much. Although I do not understand the lyric but I am quite sure it’s a love song and it is really a nice love song.


  • My Destiny – Bada (With Cho Kyu Chan)[L/DL]
  • MV I Love You – Mayonnaise

    This is a fanmade MV
    Song : The OST “Mayonnaise – Han So Ah”
    Clips : All Lead Casts ’s scenes from K-Drama “I Love You” (SBS-2008)

    My Comment :

    In this MV I tried to capture some of those silly and funny scenes of this drama…

  • Mayonnaise – Han So Ah [L/DL]
  • I Love You (SBS-2008)

    Title: 사랑해 (我爱你) / Saranghae
    Also known as: I Love You
    Episodes: 16
    Casts :
    Ahn Jae Wook as Suk Chul Soo
    Seo Ji Hye as Na Young Hee
    Hwan Hee as Park Byung Ho
    Park Hye Young as Lee Young Hee
    Gong Hyeong Jin as Do Min Ho
    Jo Mi Ryung as Na Jin Hee

    The Synopsis:

    The last thing Chul Soo (Ahn Jae Wook) wants is to get married, but he can only bite the bullet when Young Hee (Seo Ji Hye) gets pregnant after a one-night stand. Continue reading

    Oh! Feel Young (KBS-2004)

    Title:오! 필승 봉순영 / O! Pil-seung Bong Soon-yeong
    Also known as: Feel so young
    Episodes: 16
    Casts :
    Ahn Jae Wook as Oh Pil-seung
    Chae Rim as Bong Soon-young
    Ryu Jin as Yoon Jae-woong
    Park Sun Young as Noh Yoo-jung (Pil-seung’s assistant)

    The Synopsis:

    This is a drama about an ordinary guy who finds great, but unexpected success. Oh Pil-seung is a free-spirited, but somewhat lazy regular joe who suddenly finds himself heir apparent to a top-level logistics company! As rivals and detractors simply waiting for him to foul up, Pil Seung has to either face the challenge or just quit the game.

    Bong Soon-young is the manager of a large discount store, and strives to find the perfect love with white-collar pretty boy Yun Jae-ung. A veteran of disastrous relationships, Soon-young wears her heart on her too-emotional sleeve, and is willing to die for love. The stable, well-educated, and intelligent Jae-ung looks to be a perfect catch. But there’s just one obstacle: a boorish, uneducated guy named Pil-seung…

    Credits: Dramawiki,

    The OST : [D][Megaupload]

  • Haeng Bok Han Ee Yoo  – Oh Suk Joon
  • Mut Dae Ro Mam Dae Ro – Kim Gil Joong